Mega Munchy Minutes

Hey Mega Munchers,

Spring is in the air, that means trips.. over roots and rocks.  But really some super cool trips.

Last Weekend,

People from the Pitt Fossil Free Coalition came on by tonight.  It was swell.

We went to the new last weekend, walked the walk, climbed the climb.

This Weekend 3/31-4/2
We are going to the Laurel Highlands to walk with big ol' backpacks on!  Signups are closed for this trip and everyone who is going should know when they are leaving.  

Weekend of 4/7-4/9
We are going to Ohioplye State Park.  (NO! it is not a pile in Ohio, easy mistake though).  This is our big intro trip.  We take 30-50 people.  We will be doing hiking, climbing, and rafting (weather dependent) whether the weather likes us.  If you want to climb we strongly advise that you learn to belay at the Pitt Climbing Wall any time Monday-Thursday 4-10, Friday 1-7, Saturday 1-6. If you have questions aboot white water contact Zach at  
Sign up here

Also the weekend of 4/7-4/9  
We will also be A-JUMPING...  FROM PLANES! We will be skydiving folks.  So if you are hype, contact Anna at  the cost is $209 (This is a very discounted group rate).  To secure a spot pay a $50 deposit.  You can give this to Anna at 510 WPU before 12 pm on weekdays.  You can give it to Rita at the Pitt Climbing wall Monday or Wednesday 4-7.  Deposits are due by Tuesday 4/4.   

That is All for the outdoor news for now.
Your sleepy Velocity Pooper (VP haha.... haha)

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