Wait a minute! MINUTES

Hey All Bread Eating (and non bread eating)

First order of business! If you are 21 or older, sign up to dive, or build a hive.. Wait no, drive vans! Without van drivers we cannot have trips!  If interested, contact me at cjm151@pitt.edu and I can tell you what to do.

Saturday 3/4
Weather dependent, we will take a climbing trip to Ohiopyle.  Right now the weather looks crumbly (like a bad pastry).  So I will let those who sign up know if we will cancel by Thursday.

Sunday, March 12th
Pool sessions.  Come swim and learn to roll a kayak to prepare for the real rivers.  I know many will be living it up on spring break, but if you want to have an awesome time in Pittsburgh,  contact Zach at zta6@pitt.edu if interested

Weekend of March 18th.
We are taking a journey to Seneca Rocks.  It is a big place for climbing rocks in West Virginia.  (or Best Virginia as some say).  We will be fighting crime against rocks AKA Climbing.  
This is our only multi-pitch climbing trip, and hour most advanced climbing trip.  You must have been on an outdoor climbing trip before to climb.  You must also know how to lead belay, rappel, clean climbing gear and do multi pitch rope systems.  We will have workshops to teach these skills.  TO do this just come up to the wall at any time, starting today Monday-Thursday 4-10 (Not Spring Break).  You MUST know all of these skills in the gym before you can climb on this trip.  Any climbing skills questions can go to our climbing chair, Grady, at gym12@pitt.edu

Thats all folks.  Have a divity divey Spring Break.  maybe a Springer Break, to see Jerry Springer. 

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