First meeting! WOOOOO!

Hey all you party people,
POC is officially getting started this semester with a super sweet meeting at 9pm on the William Pitt Union patio. Stop on by to do crazy fun administrative things like turning in waivers and paying dues($10 for a semester or $15 for the year).  

On top of all that goodness we'll have sign ups for the first trip of the semester down to good ol Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania.  In scenic Ohiopyle you can do all kinds of fun stuff like look at trees, sit in or near a river, and see some waterfalls.  Also there's going to be a whole bunch of awesome whitewater rafting/kayaking, rock climbing, and hiking going on.  Come down to the pyle and do fun stuff with good people in the great outdoors!

Also, starting this week we're going to be doing group mountain bike rides in Frick Park.  If you have a mountain bike and are looking to ride down some awesome trails throw your name and email on this list and we'll get in touch to figure out what times work best for people.

Get psyched for a great semester!


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