9/13 Meeting Minutes

Hey folks,

If you couldn't make the meeting tonight you have my deepest sympathies, because you missed a pretty great time.  

If you've still got any gear you borrowed for Ohiopyle, or if you drove and found other peoples stuff in your car, or if you went to Ohiopyle with stuff that you don't have any more, let us know and we'll work to get any and all objects back to the people who own them. 

To everyone signed up for the Laurel Highlands hiking trip, if something comes up or you just don't want to go anymore make sure you delete your name from the list or email us to let us know you won't be going before this Wednesday.  We want to make sure as many people as possible can go.  

Sign ups for the kayaking day trip to Slippery Rock Creek were tonight.  I done messed up earlier when I said that this is an intermediate trip.  It's a beginner trip and you won't need to know how to roll a kayak or any of that jazz to be able to go and have a good time on the crick. The trip will be on Saturday, September 23.

There will be pool sessions to learn how to roll a kayak up in the Trees Hall pool on Sunday the 24th for anyone interested. 

For anyone with a mountain bike and predilection for riding it down hills, there will be another mountain bike group ride tomorrow evening.  Meet at the fountain by the Frick Fine Arts building at 6:15p and be prepared to shred.  

Hope everyone has a swell week.


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