10/17 Meeting

Hey folks,

Hope everybody is psyched for our meeting tonight at 9 on the WPU patio.

There will be sign ups for Seneca tonight.  This is our advanced climbing trip as well as intermediate caving.  If you're planning on climbing you should go to one of the trad/multipitch workshops up at the Trees climbing wall.  Make sure you email whoever is leading the workshop if you plan on attending.  Ian (ith3@pitt.edu) is holding one today and next Tuesday from 4-7, Rita (rsk35@pitt.edu) has one Wednesday and next Wednesday 5-6:30 and one Friday 4:30-6,  Eric (ejb90@pitt.edu) has one Monday from 7-10.

Skydiving is October 21st, so if you like planes but hate landing in them talk to Adelie tonight. 

Take Back the Night is tonight.  The Campus Women's Organization is holding a march against domestic violence, sexual assault, and street harassment.  Everyone will be meeting in the WPU assembly room from 7-10pm for bystander training, Q&A, and pizza.  Swing by and show your support.  

If you're interested in weekly mountain bike rides or trail runs come up and talk to us about it tonight.


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