10/17 Meeting Minutes

Hey folks,

Seneca sign ups were last night, the trip is the weekend of October 27.  There will be climbing, caving, hiking, and good times abounding.  If you want to climb the rocks at Seneca Rocks, make sure you head to one of the trad/multipitch workshops up at the Trees climbing wall.  Rita (RSK35@pitt.edu) will be leading one today and next Wednesday from 5-6:30, as well as Friday from 4:30-6.  Eric (EJB90@pitt.edu) is holding one Monday from 7-10, and Ian (ITH3@pitt.edu) will have one Tuesday from 4-7.  If you're interested in attending make sure you email whoever is leading the workshop beforehand.  

This Saturday a bunch of people are jumping out of planes.  If you're psyched on skydiving get in touch with Adelie.  

The Pitt Bike Collective is having an alleycat race on Halloween, if you're psyched on riding or volunteering for the race go check them out on Facebook. 

If you're psyched on biking/running over rocks weekly mountain bike rides and trail runs are still in full swing. Let us know if you're interested.  


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