The now regular pre-meeting email!

Hello everyone!

I know it's late, my b, but I'm trying to get this out before Tuesday, we'll see how fast I can type!

We will meet tomorrow, Tuesday, at 9pm outside WPU!

From what I've heard, those that went had a lovely time at Ohiopyle with rafting, hiking, climbing and some free-range exploration (I'm reading y'all found natural waterslides? rip to me) so that's awesome! If anyone who went has any notes about what was great for future years, what could use some work, we'd love to chat with you at the meeting tomorrow!
If you wanna see some pics from Ohiopyle check out our instagram!

Also please note that the instagram is now  @outdoorsclubpitt because of weird naming guidelines from Pitt, in the email following tomorrow's meeting we'll outline how naming things will affect our various platforms.

And most importantly, at tomorrow's meeting:
  • We will review Ohiopyle (we'd love feedback)
  • Evan will talk about Laurel Highlands (if you're going on that, you know)
  • Misha and Emma will talk about Dolly Sods and holding signups!
To elaborate on that last bullet point, our dear Misha Barth:

We will be going on a backpacking trip to the Dolly Sods plateau in the Monongahela National Forest, which is in West Virginia. The trip will start early Saturday morning and end late Sunday evening. This will be a real "roughing it" experience: we will be doing 16 miles, and there are no toilets and very few water sources at the campsite, so be prepared to carry your gear, including a shovel ;) The views will be fantastic, and the flora is amazing this time of year (red cranberry/blueberry bushes, yellow deciduous trees, and green spruce trees).

If this sounds like your cup of tea, swing by tomorrow's meeting or check the following meeting to sign up. Just a reminder that you must be a full member (on IMLeagues) to come on trips.

If you have not gone on a trip yet, do not fret, there are so many trips, you will get one, I promise.

And if you have any questions, I will try to respond to your emails, but if I don't, I'll be at tomorrow's meeting for you to call me mean names because I ignored you!

Thank you for reading my email! I got it out before Tuesday hell yeah!

May Cathy witness your every move and see that you're making good choices (like not getting mayo with your fries, go off Cassandra, you're killing it).

The one
The only
Aidan Bell
(What do you mean there's more than one Aidan Bell when you google me? He's a CLOWN? God dammit, maybe that career quiz in 6th grade was right)

P.S.- if you see an orange subaru, tell Kira

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