Meeting minutes 256 days after Groundhog Day

Hey folks, 

Hope everyone was bequeathed good times by the spooky spirit of second Halloweekend.

This Saturday we're heading down to one of Pittsburgh's best hometown crags, Breakneck.  Channel the collective stoke of all the yinzers that have gone before you and throw down on some sweet sweet sport routes.  If you get stuck on a move, just picture Hines Ward, Bill Peduto, and Andrew Carnegie cheering you on and the ghost of Mr. Rogers will come down and guide you to a super positive undercling.  Sign up here to commune with the spirit of everyone's favorite neighbor:

Next weekend, the 16th -18th, there's going to be a hiking trip to Mt. Davis.  If getting high on hikes is your idea of a good time, you can't have more fun in Pennsylvania.  The top of Mt. Davis is the highest elevation in the Commonwealth, so as long as Wiz Khalifa is out of town you have a chance to be the highest person in PA.  Sign up here:

If you have a couple minutes, it would be super awesome if you filled out this survey to help Megan get a little info about the community's awareness of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy:

Hope everyone has a better than normal week!


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