Update just before our meeting!

To all you lovely people out there,

We have a meeting today (Tuesday 9/14)! Same time, same place. That being: 9pm, on the WPU Lawn, also known as this place right here:

Okay sick, that oughta do it!

In other news, selections have been made for Ohiopyle! We are so so so happy with the amount of people who wanted to go on this trip. Unfortunately, campgrounds are only so big, and we only have so many supplies, and we have a budget per person. If you are going, you should have gotten an email about it. If you did not get an email, do not despair. This is but one of many many trips that we will have. (And lowkey this one will prolly be super busy compared to some of the later ones).

SPEAKING OF, we have a much smaller trip coming up. In some ways, that could mean that it's more competitive, in other ways, it could mean that a little tight-knit group of backpackers form! That's right y'all! We got BACKPACKING up next. We will be venturing over to the Laurel Highlands and doing some zesty backpacking. This is a SMALL trip, like, 16 people. And we only have about 4 or 5 good backpacks to lend sooooo, that could shrink the field even further. But this trip will only be one overnight, and we'll let you know if it's Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday! 

If you have questions about this trip, that's awesome! Please write 'em down, hash out your thoughts and let us know at tomorrow's meeting. I am not the person organizing this trip, so I cannot help... yet... I'll get more details at tomorrow's meeting so I can be a better resource for you guys after the fact AND at the meeting, I'll be able to direct you to the proper person. Word on the street says Evan got himself organizing it, but he's also super busy making sure all our numbers add up and whatever (minor details), so please wait to pester him with questions till we give out more info tomorrow!

We are so so close to having a trip schedule for this semester. Sit tight, keep an ear to this email chain, and we will provide more info super soon!

Until then, stay safe, stay smart, may Dizzy the Dino watch over you as you jaywalk Forbes (I know you're doing it),
Aidan Bell
Outdoors Club Secretary

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