Meeting on the 7th of the 9th month of the year 2 thousand and twenty-one

Hello Beautiful People!

We have officially had our first meeting and I'm confident that that was the most successful first meeting this club has ever seen. Thank you so much for spreading the word and showing up!

At this meeting we talked about:
  • What this club is! What we do, how excited we are to do it (mostly just outdoors stuff!)
  • Working on joining SOOS to show this beautiful Earth our love!
  • The merch is incoming! We don't have a clear plan of what yet, but the influx of signups should mean we can provide some dope stuff!
  • We went over the officers and their favorite aquatic animals! (that info will come in a follow-up email to put it in one place)
  • We did a TON of signups (again thank you) if you did not do not fear! Swing by the next meeting to do so and if you can't make it to a meeting to sign up please reach out to me!
  • Last but not least, we held signups for Ohiopyle! Thank you so much for all of the interest, if you didn't get to sign up please do so here:
  • We will be having meetings every tuesday at 9pm outside WPU! If you don't know where, it's on the side facing Cathy, it's a big crowd (you can't miss it)
Please join the groupme:
We also have interest-specific groupmes, just reach out to the chairs to get added to those!
The website is:
Our instagram: @pittoutdoorsclub

ALSO LITTLE NOTE: CampusLabs is not a means of joining the club, that does nothing, just fyi

We are working on upcoming trips, do not fear if you don't get to go on Ohiopyle, do not worry, there are so many trips, you will get to go on one!

Hit us up if you have any questions!!

May there be a strong, pleasant breeze at your back,
Aidan Bell
Outdoors Club Secretary

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