Meeting 140 Days After Groundhog Day

To all you wonderful people out there,

Due to popular demand, the Meeting synopses have been granted their proper naming convention.
  • We talked about Ohiopyle, if you are going, you have been contacted. If you aren't there are SO MANY more trips, I promise
  • We had signups for our next trip: Laurel Highlands backpacking, sign up here if interested:
  • We will have a full trip calendar VERY SOON, promise
  • We have officially joined the SOOS (Student Office of Sustainability) so we're green and stuff because we like the outdoors, yknow? It makes sense
  • If you have any questions please email me (Aidan)
  • If you have questions about Ohiopyle, you are in a gc with the officers on it, let them know (unless you're not, then let Kira know so she can add you to it)
  • If you have questions about Laurel Highlands, ask Evan!
I am also attempting to keep the emails shorter now because I know they're hard to read.


I hope you all have a lovely week, may you not brake suddenly when you're about to hit a parked car because you weren't paying attention, for like, one second and go flying over the handlebars, take a nasty ass fall, scrape the hell out of your palms and wonder if you're gonna be able to climb at your next climbing wall shift because your hands REALLY hurt.

Okay so maybe not SHORT emails yet,

Your Loving Secretary

P.S.- Sorry for yelling at y'all at the meeting to get your attention, in my defense, it's really fun

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