Meeting Minutes 305 days before Groundhog Day

Hey folks,

Today's meeting was super productive so get ready for a novel.

Tonight Nicole gave an awesome presentation about getting employed in the outdoors, and she put together this great list of places you can apply if you're trying to get paid to hang out in the woods.

We had sign ups for Seneca tonight, which will be from Friday the 13th to Sunday the 15th of April.  Seneca has amazing multipitch climbs that are sandbagged all to hell but tons of fun, and some super sweet caves to crawl around in.  If you want to climb at Seneca and don't have a ton of experience following on trad climbs or working systems for multipitch you'll need to come to a workshop on that stuff.  They'll be up at the climbing wall in Trees Monday and Wednesday from 4-7pm and Thursday 7:30-10pm. 

That same weekend (April 13-15) there's going to be a beginner backpacking trip in the Laurel Highlands.  The hike isn't super long or challenging so it's perfect if you haven't done a backpacking trip before and want to give it a try!

Friday the 13 we're going with the Archery Club out to Boyce Park to get medieval and shoot some arrows at stuff.  The trip will be heading out at 2pm and will get back to Oakland around 7.  Naturally you get bonus points if you dress up like Katniss or Robin Hood.  

Here's a short message from your friendly neighborhood trail running chairs:

"Hey runners! We're looking to schedule a few runs before the end of the semester and need to gauge interest and see when y'all are free. We're trying to plan 2 trail runs a week for the last few weeks and are also investigating the feasibility of a day trip out to North Park or somewhere to run lots of trails over the course of a day.

If you're interested in the weekly runs let us know your availability here:

If you're interested in the day trip let us know here:

See you on the trails!

-Alex and Nathan"

Frick Park is having an awesome Earth Day volunteering event Saturday April 21st from 8-11am.  Come out and help to good work to make the park a better place!  If you're the cynical sort who doesn't care for volunteer work, still come out because there's going to be food!  If you're interested in going to that head to the park's website and register so they know how many people are coming. 

Next week we're selling t-shirts to whoever wants them, they'll be $15. 

There's going to be another group order of La Sportiva gear pretty soon too, so if you want to get some sweet gear at a deep discount shoot us an email to let us know.  

I think that's everything, hope everyone's having a solid week!


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