April Brand of the Month - La Sportiva... Again!

Hi Folks!

Back by popular demand, we have La Sportiva as our Brand of the Month! Thanks to the nice people at College Outdoors, we are able to order shoes wholesale, and pass along the discount to yinz!

A bit about La Sportiva: they make quality climbing, hiking, and running shoes.

Here is the link to the items:

Here is the link to the order form:

If you would like to be a part of the group order, please fill out the order form, and give me cash or check (made out to the University of Pittsburgh) for the correct amount (as listed in the items spreadsheet). Here is when you can turn in your orders or ask me questions: 

TODAY, April 4th  4-7 pm 
Trees Hall Climbing Wall 

Tuesday, April 10th  9 pm 
Outdoor Club Meeting 

All orders are final, so be sure you pick out the right size/style/color! All orders and money are due no later than Tuesday, April 10th (next weeks meeting). I will place the order Wednesday, April 11th, and the gear should arrive the following week. 

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, let me know!

All the best,

Nicole Thompson

net26@pitt.edu / nthompson2298@gmail.com / (909)395-6364

P.S. Have a great day!

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