Meeting 305 days before Groundhog Day

Hey folks, 

There is a meeting tonight in Cathy G24 tonight at 9pm.

We will have a presentation about getting jobs in the outdoors this summer. This is definitely something worth listening to because we all like the outdoors and we all want money so we can do more things outdoors. 

Sign-ups for the Seneca and Laurel Highlands trips are happening tonight also. Seneca is an advanced climbing and intermediate caving trip that is always a fun one. If you like tall climbs, small caves and staying in cabins, this trip is the one for you. Laurel highlands is our beginner backpacking trip. Its nothing too challenging and is open to anyone who is interested. Both of these trips are next weekend so there is really no way to do both. 

We will also be doing sign-ups for an archery event Friday with the Archery club. This event is open to everyone, so whether you've never shot arrows into targets before or if you do it on the regular, this event is for you. There will more details about this at the meeting. 

We may have lost to Pitt Women's Frisbee in the Pitt News bracket but that wont stop us from doing what we do best: camping, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, caving, white-water-ing and biscuit eating down at the New this weekend. 

Hope this rain isn't slowly ruining your will to live and that you still find time to do some cool things outdoors. 


(your next year's secretary)

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