Hello to the Minutes

Hello from the OUTDOORS! (like Adele… Duh)

Elections WENT DOWN! We have a new board ready to come atcha for next year.

President       Matt "Christmas Caroler" Carroll

Vice President           Connor  "The Martian" Martin

Treasurer       Rita "Cheeta" Keil

 Secretary       Nick "The Peanut" Peanatzer (How do you spell that????)

Climbing Chair(s)     Grady "Sledge" Martin, Grant "The Cow" Cowan

Hiking Chair (s)         Malcolm "The Jury" Juring, Maggie "Magenta" Mass, Amy "Amyilator" Johnson

Water Chair   Tyler "I literally just met the guy and have no clue what his last name is"

Special Events Chair Anna "Green bean" Greenberg

Gear Master   Christian "SnyDog" Snyder 

Sunday 2/7

We have our venture outdoors hike and hot chocolate goodness.  If you made the trip, you shoulda coulda woulda gotten an email.

Weekend of Feb 13th

Stay tuned for winter (brrrrrr) backpacking, likely to go down (STILL yelling Timber) The weekend of Feb 13th

Sunday March 20th

Orienteering event.  If people are interested, let us know at outdoorsclub.pitt@gmail.com and we can set up workshops.  Here is the website WOOTWOOT FINDING STUFF


That's aboot it,  Have a Gucci time all,

Best (Still your secretary)

Connor Martini Glass



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