Whose Days? The POC’s of Course

#NOTE: If you have an issue about anything, quit replying to the pitt outdoors gmail because no one moderates it. It is merely a channel through which we send out these messages. Instead email this handsome devil, Troy Ferland at tmf39@pitt.edu if you have any issues. Thank You.

To our regular members, back to business. What day is it? Do you know what day it is? Huh? Do yuh? It's hump day, HUMP DAY, YEEAAAHHH at 4:01 A.M. to be specific. Well folks, we're back from that crazy long commercial break we call Wednesday through Monday. And for all of you who keep on reading week after week, you keep doing you because that's awesome.

Two weeks ago's next week was Dolly Sods, which apparently was very awesome and Sods-like. There were beautiful vistas, some typical West Virginia dampness, and the man, the myth, the legend Erik (Daaaaa Beard) Jensen as your guide through the whole experience. What more could you ask for. Also, on Saturday, a group traveled with venture outdoors to do some day climbing (Yeeaaahhhh). We will continue to cram as much awesomeness into our schedule before the snow flies, so continue following this grand group of nature nuts.

GET PUMPED!!! This week is the grandest of the grand, and coldest of the cold weekend trips for the semester. Those who received an email confirming they have made it for the climbing portion of this trip, Congrats, you stuck it out. Jordi is taking a select group of people on a caving scavenger hunt as well. She has already filled the spots for her trip from people who went to the meeting as well, but if you are interested, email her at jav47@pitt.edu and if anyone drops out, you could possibly make it.

Also…T-shirt orders are now possible via a google doc that was meticulously put together by our man Troy after he made it back from the bar. Thanks Troy, couldn't have done it without you. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1v4bWPb0E3v8eNPf9qgzEL09KaYA-LrJ7kEZFq8E8DE8/edit?usp=sharing

Sorry that was so quick, but I'm really tired. (wa wa waaaaa)

I'll leave you on a philosophical note:
As a person moves on from what was once late into the day to early in the morning, he/she begins to ponder the many questions of life. What is my purpose? Is there a way to become more than myself? At what point do you just commit to staying awake until your 10 A.M. How can milk from market have a 3 week sell by date? Why am I still awake typing this email? More importantly, WHY ARE YOU STILL UP READING IT???
Goodnight/Happy Humpday everyone, I'll see you in a few hours
Nature Nick

# I'm going to add one more question to the list above, why does Pitt WiFi insist on being slow when I need to send 3000 emails? It's like the university gave us a bowl of chili...and a set of chop sticks.

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