Hello Fellow Friends of Future Foresty Endeavors (FFFFE). Yes it may be odd, but this is an important announcement for the POC. One of our members has come up with a T-shirt design for this year and we will begin taking orders (sizes and money) at the informal meeting this Tuesday (which will take place after the REEL ROCK event at Carnegie), as well as the next meeting. We will have some more info for you at these meetings but if you want to show some POC pride, come order a t-shirt. You can all thank our caving chair Jordi (you rock Jordi) for coming up with the design which will be featured below the next announcement.

Also, due to the extended holiday weekend, there will be no Frisbee this Sunday because a large portion of the university, (including me) have gone home.

Now for the designs:

PITT_outdoors_club_front-01.jpg [784.39 KB]: https://pitt-community.symplicity.com/attachments/att5439700d81c1a/PITT_outdoors_club_front-01.jpg

PITT_outdoors_club_back-01.jpg [826.19 KB]: https://pitt-community.symplicity.com/attachments/att5439700d89c28/PITT_outdoors_club_back-01.jpg

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