POC Paradox

Is this Troy again, or is Nick back in action??? Stay tuned to find out (#SPOILER-It's Nick [or is it], and our POC president [possibly me] is Troy-ly a good person for helping me [you don't even have a clue to who this is anymore] out last week).

First, REEL ROCK WAS AWESOME!!! For another year in a row, the film was great, and we bonded as a club (awwwwww). And even though my (and everyone else's) hopes of winning one of the raffle prizes was shattered (much like Connor's ankle) we all still had a pretty dope time, just like the climber's at the Lower Merced River (Reel Rock Reference, if you didn't make it, ask because its hilarious).

Let's get down to brass tacks my outdoorsy people of Pitt. Do you love West Virginia? How 'bout slightly better weather than what we have here (emphasis on slightly)? Beautiful rolling hills of Autumn's amber colors? What about walking for long distances while simultaneously hauling all that you need to survive this grand environment on your back and no signs of civilization for miles around. Well, if the first 3 sounded appealing, they make up for the 4th. What am I even talking about at this point you might ask? DOLLY SODS of course!!!! This is THE, with a capital T,H,&E hiking/backpacking trip of the year, led by our own resident ranger Erik (Commanding Whiskers) Jensen. It is a fantastic experience and the signups will be shown after this brief but important info bulletin.
#NOTE: If you want to come on the Dolly Sods trip, you MUST (it's a requirement) have appropriate shoes for the excursion, no exceptions.

Here's the (hero of the Legend of Zelda games)>> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qInVadAtO1KBzZtwicVmF3aFWdr5C32B9aai594KGk8/edit#gid=0

Are you feeling lucky, punk? Well you should, because being the 1000th person to read this email, you've just won a new car! Well, maybe not a new car, but how about a chance to get on this exclusive Venture Outdoors climbing trip, Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. It's near Dunbar PA, and from what I've seen on Mtn Project, it's a pretty nice area. Don't wait, sign up while supplies last.

Seneca is closing in on us folks. And you know what that means: Workshops, which indirectly means quality time with your man, Joey DeShane. I mean, how could you not like spending time with the guy who is obviously going to take over the "Most Interesting Man in the World" commercials one day? Well, you know the drill, turn down for sign ups:
#NOTE: There are 2, and yes you have to sign up and attend both to climb at Seneca.



Well I'll see you crazy kids next Tuesday, your pal Connor (WHHHAAAAATTTTT???????). Nope, it actually is Nick but now I assume you are so distrustful you won't believe anything I type here anyway. Enjoy your Wednesday (<Who decided how to spell this word)

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