Meeting 220 days after Groundhog Day

Hey folks,

You know what's really cool? Rocks.  Rocks are the best.  You can throw them at stuff, live under them, or waste four years of your life in the Geology Department learning about them.  But by far the dopest, sweetest, most goshdiddlydamn tubular thing about rocks is that you can climb those chunky sons of guns. That's the good shit that we're going to be getting after at Breakneck, September 21st.  

Breakneck is an awesome crag outside of Connersville, and we'll be heading down there on a Sunday day trip.  Despite the name, we'll take all necessary precautions to maintain the structural integrity of your neck.  We've got a bunch of ropes and stuff, it'll be great.  This is a really good place for folks who are new to climbing or haven't climbed outside before to come and get a feel for real, all natural, sustainably farmed rocks.  

If that sounds like something that rolls your boulder, come by 120 Lawrence tonight at 9pm to sign up.


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