Climate Strike

Hey folks,

So as you may have heard the Earth is dying and it's humanity's fault.  The peeps in power aren't particularly inclined to do a damn thing about it, and for some dipshit reason its fallen to students and young folks to convince them that inaction is a mistake.  

Tomorrow there's going to be a global climate strike, people around the world are cutting class and bailing on work to call for action on climate change.  The local protest, organized by Fridays for Future is in downtown Pittsburgh from 12-4 at the City County Building on Grant St.  Come be part of the largest youth climate protest in history, and do what you can for the sake of your own future and the future of our goddamn planet.  

If you have any questions or want a group to go down to the protest with shoot me an email, or just meet us in front of the Union at 11:15 tomorrow.


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