Meeting 52 days after Groundhog Day

Hey folks,

A long time ago in a West Virginia far far away geology went nuts and left a big ol' chunk of Tuscarora quartzite sticking straight up out of a hill. Shit's crazy.  Anyway, we're going to go climb that sumbitch.  

April 5-7 we'll be heading down to Seneca Rocks to do some climbing and caving.  This is a more advanced climbing trip since we're going to be on multi-pitch trad routes.  If you want to get sendy on this one you need to be comfortable lead belaying, and if you've never followed or cleaned trad lines before you need to come up to the climbing wall for a workshop to learn how.  There's going to be a small caving group going out too so if that's your bag, don't miss out on another chance to watch Cris wriggle himself into a dark dirty little hole. 

All this and more tonight at 9pm in A221 Langley. 


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