Meeting 31 days after Groundhog Day

Hey folks,

This week we're going to have sign ups for Dolly Sods and Raystown.

Dolly Sods is a super cool backpacking trip down in West Virginia.  It's our intermediate backpacking trip so it'll be a bit more mileage than other backpacking trips we've done.  The area is absolutely gorgeous and this trip is a lot of fun.  It'll be the weekend of March 22-24.

Raystown is our mountain biking trip.  If you're psyched to tearing up some spicy single track but don't have a bike this is your chance to hang it out there and roost some sweet berms.  We're going to be renting some bikes for people to use, and if you have your own whip you can bring that dirty bird out and put some miles on it.  This will be the same weekend as Dolly Sods. 

We're working on the budget for next semester, so if there are any new trips you want to see happen next year let us know!

One last thing, tomorrow Ana├»s Peterson is in a runoff election for VP of SGB.  She has a lot of great ideas and initiatives including addressing issues like lead levels in the water on campus, fossil fuel divestment, creating an LGTBQ student center, and making gender neutral bathrooms more accessible.  Tomorrow from 8am-8pm you can vote for her at  


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