Meeting Minutes 235 days after Groundhog Day

Hey folks,

We put the ee back in meeting last night and here's what went down.
There's a trip next weekend the 6th and 7th to Rothrock and Raystown lake for some super sweet mountain biking.  If you have your own bike, we'll be heading out to Rothrock the first day, there are some incredible ridgeline trails and the chunkiest of gnar out there just waiting to be sent.  If you're renting a bike I think the game plan is to drive out Sunday and ride the Allegripis trails at Raystown Lake.  These trails are some USDA approved grade A beef just begging to be grilled up and slapped on the next great american shredburger.  If you're ready to channel your inner Sendrannosaurs Rex then toss your info at this here form:

If you've got any club gear from the last couple trips, it would be real swell if you let us know so we can get all that stuff sorted out.  

And now a brief message from the wonderful Steve Milov,
 If you're interested in some handy dandy volunteering for our parks, the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy offers tons of opportunities! 
This week, there's garden volunteering at Frick Environmental Center, Schenley Plaza, and Sheradan Park.
Check out the website! Or don't.  But still do. 

Hope everyone has a surprisingly good week.


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