First meeting minutes (208 days after Groundhog Day)

Hey folks,

It was super awesome to see new faces and old friends back on the patio tonight!  Hope everyone's ready to start this semester off at a run, because we have 30 trips planned and more collective psych than is safe for human consumption.  

If you haven't yet, you'll need to fill out this waiver ( and bring it to the next meeting with your dues.  Dues are $10 for the semester or $15 for the year.  Once you've punched that golden ticket you're set to send every weekend until there's snow on the ground.  

This year the sign up process for trips is going to be a little different.  On trips where there are multiple activities, folks are going to sign up for the activity that they want to do, and we'll determine cutoffs based on that.  Basically it means that if you get on a trip, you'll get to do what you came there to do instead of getting your stoke stifled because there aren't enough seats in the raft.  

That being said, get ready to tie in, lace up, or grab a paddle because the first trip this year is to Ohiopyle.  This little local wonderland has some super sweet whitewater, awesome hikes, and grade A climbing.  We'll be down there September 7-9.  That's the weekend of the Pitt-Penn State game, so you are going to have to make a tough decision.  In these trying times I would just like everyone to remember that nature and trees are way cooler to be around than people from State College.  

If slacklining is what stokes your psych head over to the trees by Dippy the Dinosaur in front of the Carnegie Library this Friday at 6pm where the slackline chairs Finley and Steve will be setting up lines.  If you want to be added to the slackline GroupMe shoot us an email.  

Mountain bike group rides are going to be starting up again as well, so if you have a mountain bike and want to shred some fair-trade cage-free organic locally grown gnar give us a heads up and we'll add you to that group chat.  

Hope everyone's first week of classes are going well, and that you're all ready for some long Thursday nights in the library so we can go hang out in the woods all weekend.  


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