Meeting Minutes from 53 days after Groundhog Day

Hey folks,

Tonight we had sign ups for the New River Gorge trip going out April 6-8.  It's going to be awesome and you should try to come if you can! Here's the link:

We made it to the next week in the Pitt News' bracket!  We're up against the Women's Ultimate Team this week so we've got to pull out all the stops to get those sweet sweet sandwiches.  Go to and vote, not just because it'll get you free food, but also because it's been scientifically proven that eating food you didn't pay for makes you climb like three grades harder.

Also, some folks from the Sierra Club are working on a Clean Rivers Campaign here in Pittsburgh that aims to do something about the city's sewers.  Pittsburgh has this awesome sewer system that combines stormwater and sewage management.  That means that every time it rains for more than like 15 minutes the sewers overflow and dump gallons upon gallons of literal shit into the rivers, which is really great for the environment and human health.  If you want to support that campaign and hear more about it, sign up on this form:


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