Meeting 53 days after Groundhog Day

Hey folks,

We're meeting in G24 Cathy tonight at 9pm, it's going to be great times and everyone should come through.  

Sign ups for the New River Gorge trip will be tonight.  This trip is super swanky, with some world class climbing, hiking, mountain biking, caving, and white water.  More than that though, right across the bridge from where we'll be staying there is a magical place full of happiness and carbs called Biscuit World, and going down to the New affords us the chance to bask in its wonderful artery-clogging light.  

Speaking of food, we beat the Oakland Zoo and made it to the next round of the Pitt News' student org. bracket!  We're one week closer to free lunch!  This week we're up against the Women's Ultimate team, so everyone should head to and vote for us.  It's food folks, everyone needs it, paying for it is lame, and stealing it is kinda illegal, but voting for it is always a good idea. 


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