Pro-deal for the people

Hey folks,

Sorry about the double email, but Nicole got everyone in the club hooked up with a rad pro deal!  This is the message from College Outside:

You guys are about to be so stoked. The POC is now a member of College Outside, a pro-deal site exclusively for students. This means that as long as you are a student and a part of the Pitt Outdoors Club, you get access to 25-50% discounts on top outdoor brands. College Outside has gear for all activities - anything from camping to skiing to ice climbing to mountain biking - from the biggest brand names (Black Diamond, Gregory, Marmot, to name a few). All active members will receive an email with your own personal login information soon. This gives you access to the online store. Go check out College Outside on Facebook & Instagram for the latest updates, discounts, and competitions. 

If you are new to the club and looking to join for the spring semester, dues are only $10. Waivers will be available at the meeting or on the POC website.  Membership gives you access to our trips and free gear for borrow from our gear room. 

This is a sweet deal and definitely something worth taking advantage of while you're still in school.  Gear can get expensive, but the stock market is rigged, banks are ponzi schemes, and bitcoin is made up, so really the only financially responsible thing to do is invest in cams.


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