2/6 Meeting, now with elections!

Hey folks,

We're meeting at 9pm in 313 Cathy tomorrow, February 6th, for everyone's favorite political process, POC elections!  Its a crazy and wonderful thing to be a part of.  Anything could happen, Ralph Nader could win, we could decide to disband the club and sell all of the tents and kayaks to buy scratch-off lottery tickets, the sky is really the limit.  If you want to run for a position on the board just shoot us an email, and start writing the most moving, heartfelt speech you can muster, because if you make me cry I promise I'll vote for you.  

Also, t-shirt orders are going out again!  They'll probably end up being $10-$15.  If you want in on that super fashionable goodness just fill out this form:

Ascend is having another Big Free Yoga this Saturday, so if you're stoked to get stretchy there's more info on their Facebook page:


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