The Horizon

You wake to the sun, breaking the clouds
The air shaking off its misty shrouds
The stars dim as the brightness grows
And the last log on your fire softly glows

You smell the coffee and hear your friends,
Realizing as night finally ends
That it's a new day, finally here
With the mission at hand, ready and near

Rolling out of your tent, you look towards the sky,
Seeing a mountain of stone, looming up high
Packing your gear with one thought in mind
To view the horizon, leaving the surface behind

It's all been for this, to summit the peak
And gaze out on everything, is of what you do speak
After persisting all day, you stand at the top
But what's viewed in the distance soon makes you stop

Out on the vista, stands another grand peak
A brand new horizon for you to go seek
Off in the distance, another challenge there lies,
For those with a spirit, and fire in their eyes

To crest one more mountain, that is your goal,
And take a look at oneself, in body and soul
So the journey repeats itself, 'round and around
Until what you've been searching for has finally been found.

Your adventurous spirit cannot be controlled
Even with age, and time taking hold
So for our great trekker, we wish you the best
'Till you reach that horizon, and they lay you to rest

(Inspired by pictures of Zion I was looking at on my lunch break today #thisiswhatidoatwork). Gettin all poetic in the POC this week, if it's awesome trips and friends you seek, continue on and be amazed, and by the end of this email I'll probably be dazed. But ENOUGH RHYMING because I just gave you a 28 line poem so be content with that! Now the Pitt Outdoors Club will bring you its regularly scheduled shenanigans.

Hope everyone had one supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (somehow spelled this right the first try) syllabus week and is settling into their semesters nicely. Think of this email as a very full piñata and to get the information and links, you just have to keep swinging until you get what you want, although I don't recommend going to bat on your phone or laptop (#DISCLAIMER: The POC is not responsible for any property destroyed as a result of misunderstanding a metaphor, poor decision making, and possible alcohol) First up, this Saturday is the Venture Outdoors snowshoeing trip. Stating the obvious but it is really starting to look like a hiking trip. For those who signed up and were in the green, please remember to be prompt on Saturday because we have a great partnership with V.O. and we would like to continue that into the future.

We know many of you enjoy scaling new heights and going vertical, but for anyone looking to go underground instead, our awesome caving compatriot Jordi will be taking a lucky few of you to down home West Virginia to search for mole people and whatnot during the day, and to enjoy a warm cabin and cold beer at night. There are only a few spots available so please email Jordi at jav47@pitt.edu.

For all you swashbuckling lads and ladies, Caroline and I will be holding pool sessions every Sunday in February from 9am to 12pm at the Trees Hall pool. What are pool sessions you ask? Only the best way to learn how to flip a heavy piece of molded plastic over in the water, duh! But seriously, anyone who thinks they might want to try whitewater kayaking in the future should come give it a shot. Caroline is incredibly knowledgeable about all things white water, and I'm there for moral support and to learn more alongside you guys. If you need water wings, please contact our mear-gaster Mom Dilesi.

Well, we are another week into January and once again the amount of snow we have gotten is pitiful, and there is too much ice. What is there to do? Go on the search for some snow with us on the venture outdoors ski/snowboard trip Jan. 24. It should be a ton of fun and some of you may find a hidden talent in shredding the white stuff which in turn leads to the 2018 Winter Olympics in thank-goodness-its-not-Russia-Pyeongchang, South Korea which should go off without a hitch (barring any movies about their leader from SONY [Yes, we know that was North Korea, calm down]). Anyway, here's the link for the trip: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19mjnXk5fjiqLHoxqDpfHXjyX0iF54n-2EckF_WG6CbU/edit#gid=0

Our Formerly Market Chair, Formerly-Formerly Taco Chair, currently Food Chair has decided it's time to eat before meetings again, because the outdoorsy family that eats together . . . I don't actually know where I was going with that but you get the point: Food, Friends, and Sushi Fuku. That's right folks. Starting next Tuesday 8-8:15 pm Connor [cooler twin(sorry Grady)] Martin will be leading y'all to Sushi Fuku to satisfy you POC palettes prior to our meetings. Be there or be somewhere else obviously. It's your choice, but I'd go with Fuku.

Ahhhhh, this never ends! If you want shorter emails, you may want to run for POC Secretary. Want to make important decisions? Be our next President. Leading trips sound cool, become a chair, the favorite piece of seating furniture in history. Elections are coming up so if you are interested, email Froy Terland at tmf39 and let him know. And then be ready to debate and possible answer some very strange questions.

Well that about wraps it up then. For anyone who is going through climbing withdrawal, remember to come visit us at the rock wall throughout the week. It's a great place to get exercise, blow off steam and stress, and socialize with other cool people like yourselves. That's right, you're awesome and don't you forget it. Only the truly dedicated ever make it this far into the email so as a reward, here is a link to pictures of baby otters. https://www.google.com/search?q=baby+otters&biw=1920&bih=971&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=L_O1VMvpFceLNtm1g5gB&ved=0CB0QsAQ
Why? Because otters are awesome and baby animals are adorable. They hold hands when they sleep and have a pouch in which they carry their favorite stone. Literally would make a pretty good mascot for the POC.

Anyway, goodnight everybody and we look forward to seeing all of you again,
Nick "Stick" Penatzer

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