What is up everyone in the POC!? Happy New Year from your lanky liaison of literary letter writing and hope you all had a happy, merry, festive, jovial, cheerful, jolly, and especially outdoorsy winter break! Can you even wait any longer for a whole new year of nature-filled goodness with {clearly the best club on campus[I mean it(seriously!)]} the PITT OUTDOORS CLUB!!!<3!!!:)!!!!?!!!#POC!!! Are you ready for some backwoods adventure? How about some front woods exploration? Or are you more of a side to side escapade person? Well no matter, because we cater to all kinds whether you be a mountain man, water woman, bouldering boy, kayaking cutie, hiking hero, the list goes on and on and we love all of you (Yes, you specifically!) in a (mostly) platonic sort of way.

Enough of the rambling though because there are legitimate announcements to be made.

Are you one of the people that was disappointed it didn't snow much over break? Did you ask Santa to turn the thermostat to artic chill? Well if so, please ask the nearest person to slap you just because. Once your head stops spinning however, rejoice. On January 17, our partner Venture Outdoors will be sponsoring a skiing trip for the club, so whether you have skied before or are a newbie with a balance issue like me, we can all enjoy the inevitable cold spell together until we can get back to the nicer (well Pittsburgh, so bearable) weather. More info to come in the next meeting.

Want a resume builder? Or a title that has "master" in it? Is writing quippy (not sure if technically a word) emails at 4 am on a Wednesday morning what you've been searching for your whole life? Well, if so, email our esteemed President, Troy Fereverland (the "ever" is silent) at tmf39@pitt.edu. With options like president, vp, secretary, climbing/hiking/water (oh my) chair persons, and the elusive GEAR-MASTER title up for grabs, why wouldn't you start campaigning now? Seriously, start now. Right now, drop what you are doing and get political for the POC. WE WANT YOU. https://sp.yimg.com/ib/th?id=HN.608010684829598568&pid=15.1 I believe a link for our positions is on the pitt outdoors club blogspot.

!IMPORTANTE! That would in fact be Spanish for PAY CLOSE ATTENTION! Our regularly scheduled meetings will now be held in 229. With a smaller room, we hope to get to know you each on an even more personal level (and if you've been to a party with a few of our members, you know too well that is very hard to do [refer to Troy or Grady on this one, I'll leave it at that]).

For all of the aquatic inclined people out there, you are all close to my heart, so please move out of my personal bubble! But seriously, Kayaking lessons are in the near future as soon as I get times together and request Trees pool for a few hours. The sessions will most likely be on Sunday afternoons, but I'll get more info out as it develops.

Before I clothes (haha it's a pun, you'll get it) remember we are a club devoted to the outdoors and nature. Therefore, you should "Give a Thread" and help donate your old clothes to this very sustainability (and world record attempt) cause. There is a kickoff event supposedly on January 9th at the WPU which is also where you may donate the clothes.

Well, in true fashion, this email wasn't sent until after midnight so I'm keeping the streak alive. Before I sign off, I'd like to welcome any new members who haven't gotten the emails before to the club and also remind everyone to come hang out with us Tuesdays at 9 pm in Cathy 229 for our splendipidous (definitely NOT a word) meetings for important info, upcoming events, and general merriment.

I look forward to spending the next shuck semester with you shanks and don't let the Grievers sting (hopefully someone gets this reference)

And don't forget, "DO IT OUTDOORS"
Nick Penatzer

P.S. Here's two of the songs that kept me awake through this email for your listening pleasure:
Homegrown Honey by Darius Rucker
Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show

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