WHATS UP EVERYBODY!!!!!:)!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!HI!!!!!!

If you're getting this email it means one thing, you have a hankering to get down and dirty with the outdoors club {How could you not? [We are the best club on campus (Yeah POC)]} This is the first official email for the club this semester and its chock full of outdoorsy goodness.
SOOOOOOO, onto all the important happenings in this happening club.

First and foremost OHIOPYLE IS THIS WEEKEND (5th, 6th, and 7th) WOOOOO. This is our grand kickoff for the year and is a great place to make friends and find your faction. Like to crawl up a rock face with nothing but your bare hands (and climbing shoes)? Join the other rock loving people around you and climb away. For all of you H2O lovers out there, come join the water people as we raft down the mighty Yough. And finally, all you weary wanderers (I think that's a word) come hike around this majestic park and take some stellar pics while you're at it. Don't want to be held down by the shackles of a faction, then try something new on a future trip.

On a serious note, Hiking, Climbing, and Rafting (oh my) this weekend at Ohiopyle. You don't need to have any legitimate prior experience, so don't be afraid to sign up. Also we have all the technical/safety gear you will need. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU HAVEN'T PAID DUES & FILLED OUT A WAIVER YOU CAN'T JOIN US ON ANY TRIPS, but if you satisfy those two requirements in the future you can.
I have posted the link to the signups somewhere in this email, so may the odds be ever in your favor for finding it and making the cut. (HINT: Its right here  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vXPXQ-eOBvIZpBSO5OFLKsif3pS6cv_3A6gY_EbUs7k/edit#gid=0 )

Sorry I have to add this but any of you trying to get on the trip by removing others shall be banished forever, and ever (and ever). But really, Don't do it. We will catch you and scratch you from the list.

GEAR: If you have your own gear OUTSTANDING. Please bring it. If not don't worry, you can email and arrange a meeting with our one and very own DOM THE GEAR MASTER (coolest title in club). His email is dnm32@pitt.edu / 408-306-6327 (call/text for gear-related issues only)

We will also be hosting climbing workshops in an effort to help those of you with little experience or who need a refresher course. One will be held this Thursday at the trees hall rock wall (4 to 10PM are the open hours) and you can contact our climbing chair Joey DeShane (one of two best beards in club) at his email jad186@pitt.edu

WOW this is taking forever. If you intend to keep reading, it's dangerous to go alone so take this (http://zeldawiki.org/images/thumb/9/98/WoodenSwordLoZArt.png/61px-WoodenSwordLoZArt.png ) (haha a link to Link)

If you want to a) know any more about the outdoor club; b) get any more contact info; c) see our calendar of future events; or d) all of the above, visit the outdoor club at our blogspot page here http://pittoutdoors.blogspot.com/ or at our facebook page (and I believe there is also a twitter that no one uses)

Our Taco Chair, the wonderful Connor Martin will be leading the hordes of you mexican food lovers to Q'Doba every Tuesday at 8 before meetings for the consumption of low price tacos. Be there or be square.
I would mention future events, but holy #%&$ that took way too long and I just posted the blogspot link. So knowing I still have some homework to attend to farethee well members new and old. It is a long journey ahead but one full of nature, friends, activities, fires, food, friends, probably rain at some point, and most importantly friends because there are a ton of you on this email list so get to know someone new (you might be tenting with them) and we look forward to meeting you all.

Signing off, your pretty tired secretary,
Nick Penatzer

PS: Do any of you enjoy country music (There is a very important reason behind this question so if you do, email me at njp37@pitt.edu and if not please don't send hatemail about how you despise it)

Whew, I'll leave it at that. Night everyone!

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