Did Someone Say Meeting Minutes?

Did Someone Say Meeting Minutes?

Hey all you nature lovers from another mother. Yes it's that time of the week where you've been anxiously awaiting the sign-ups for some of our awesome activities. You just need to navigate all the questionable grammar, bad jokes, and amazing updates we are slinging your way.

First up: OHIOPYLE WAS LA BOMBA (that happens to be Spanish for freaking awesome). Many enjoyable memories were made, people really (and I mean really) got to know each other [mostly due to the disproportionate number of tents to people (tents<<<people)] and despite the rain, we partied on and there was even one sketchy game of ultimate frisbee. If you still have gear, BRING IT BACK!!! It may seem illogical but we might actually need to use it again. Contact Gear the Dom-master at dnm32@pitt.edu.

Next up, like meat? How about meat in a giant folded nacho. Well, if the thought appeals to you then step right up for Connor Martin's Taco Tuesday (Extravaganza) every Tuesday night at 8pm, yes 8pm only 1 pm sooner than our 9pm meetings. Remember, tacos always taste better when they're cheaper on Tuesday (unless you want a burrito, but that's just wrong). Meet other Mexican food lovers and chill at Q'doba with the macho (nacho) members of this great club. Have a question? Taco-bout it with the Taco twin at cjm151@pitt.edu

What's that? A bird, a plane, a UFO? NOOOO! It's a Frisbee and a few of us will be playing ultimate (or just catch depending on how many of you show up, seriously come out and play) on the Pete lawn at 2:30 till 4 pm tomorrow (or today, Wednesday, depending on when this email goes out). Come get to know some of us a little better and enjoy a little friendly competition.

Now onto the part you guys were actually waiting for. We know many of you are addicted to the rock already and we have your fix. This Saturday the club will be taking a day trip to Breakneck Rocks (such an inspiring name). To come on this trip our climbing chair Joey (baby kangaroo) DeShane is holding intro to climbing sessions where he or Grady Martin (our Co-climbing chair and Twin to the Taco Chair) will be teaching you the basics of climbing, i.e. how to belay, tie knots, be safe, cook bacon, etc, you know, just the essentials. To come onto the trip you must come to one of the sessions listed below:

Tuesday 5-8 (already happened)
Wednesday 7-10
Thursday 4-10
Friday 2-7

The sessions shouldn't be more than half an hour but why up and run when you can spend time with these two guys. Joey: jad186@pitt.edu & Grady: gtm12@pitt.edu

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Come out and feel that two wheel freedom as we bike with venture outdoors through ________ at _________o'clock (I wasn't given specifics, we will let you know). Also, one of our members who works at the OTB Bicycle Café has recommended afterward that we stop in, pop a squat, and order some food once we are finished.

What gets you on one of these awesome trips and rhymes with sink? The link of course. Signups can be found right here---------> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VXacYLcjGA Just kidding. They are actually, right…


Climb: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14MT9O_1BfAUsFovNU6-DvWIurtrb4R3N8SgQYwJ2hnw/edit#gid=0
Bike: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ThqPm7pW4goHCGnjwQpGaravZTHNx-qg7y9GMrDgn0o/edit#gid=0

I leave you with this my good friends, fellow members, and very brief acquaintances. What you have received is very powerful, but remember that with great power comes great responsibility.

Over & Out,
Nick Penatzer

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