Outdoors Club: Meenuts

Dear outsidians,

Alex here coming at you with some vital slams of informatiomals.

We had a great meeting tonight even if we were packed in like birch leaves in a leaf collection.

Beth from the Student Conservation Association spoke a bit about some awesome things you could do with the SCA. More info can be found at www.thesca.org! Noah from the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) also dropped some knowledge. More information on NOLS can be found at nols.edu!

Seriously, take some time to consider taking advantage of these opportunities. They're sooooper cool (outsides + helping evironments + leaderships = soooooper cool).

The Reel Rock film tour is coming up (for reel). This exquisite film of various badasseries involving climbing various things will be held on October 14th on CMU's campus at 7:30pm and its free (think free beer (but climbing movies instead of beer)).
More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/306051096202016/

The New River Gorge trip (i.e. Secret-Sandwich-Society-going-to trip) is happening this weekend. The trip will be from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening. We'll have cars and vans leaving at various times on Friday. We'll be climbing, caving, hiking, and (mayyyybbeeee) rafting. You will be responsible for bringing a sleeping bag, having a tent to sleep in, and feedn ya mouf. The club has a limited supply of gear that you could borrow. Email Erin Moss (our lovely gear master) about checking out gear (ebm30@pitt.edu). We will be capping the trip at a yet-to-be-determined number of people. If you are on the trip you will get an email later this week.

Signups for the NRG (SSSGT) trip are here:

Here's to a great Twoessday and an even more radical Whetnastday!

Your endeering fan,
Aleckz Kwin

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