Outdoors Club: A Definitive Guide Of Weeks To Come

Hello there you climbing rhyming blinding miming (sometimes) whining friends of mine(ing),

Here comes your weekly dose of fleeting, speeding, leading, needing, meeting, POC proceeding:

We are selling Tshirts ($10), Nalgene water bottles ($8), and shot glasses ($5) with a spirited logo on them this year. Troy Ferland (tmf39@pitt.edu) is currently taking orders for the aforementioned sprited items. A spirited order form can be found attached to this spirited email. He will be taking orders until next Friday (9/13). The tshirts will be black in the spirit of the spirits in which they are designed in spirit of. We will only be placing orders for spirited items that have been paid for in advance. You can order these items at office hours or the next meeting.

The first beginner climber trip will go out next weekend to a yet to be determined but most likely Breakneck location on Saturday (9/14). This trip is limited to people who take our introduction to climbing workshop next week (or test out of it). Signups will go out next week for this trip. Email Tyler Quinn (tdq1@pitt.edu) with questions.

The first introductory whitewater kayaking trip will go out next Sunday (9/15). Signups will be going out next week. Email David Uber (dju2@pitt.edu) with questions.

As you may already know (cuz you so smart), next week we will begin our first climbing workshops of the semester! This will be the first in a series of workshops that are designed as NECESSARY steps in building the skills to attend the "graduation" climbing trip to Seneca Rocks (extravaganza on a big ass cliff). The first workshop will be next week at Trees hall (times to be determined). This workshop will cover the basics of belaying, tying in, and general climbing safety. It is MANDATORY for every person who wishes to come to the beginner climbing trip next weekend (Saturday 9/14) to either attend this workshop or test out of the workshop. Contact Tyler Quinn (tdq1@pitt.edu) for more information.

If you would like to rent gear, hand in dues and waivers, hear adventure stories, talk about beards, or make fun of Tyler Quinn's new obsession with pedaling his bicycle then stop by our office during any of our office hours this week. Our office is in Room 319 O'Hara Student Center. Note that there may be some maintenance (beating the shit out of a leaky ceiling) going on in the office. If you can't get in go to the lobby and you'll find us there instead.
Office hours:
Alex - Friday 8-11:45 AM
Tyler - Wednesday 3-4
Jordi - Thursday 1-2
Troy - Friday 2-4

Oh...I almost forgot, Ohiopyle is this weekend! This trip will include whitewater (one word) rafting, whitewater (one word) kayaking, rock (one word) climbing, hiking, and camping. Also we might hold various impromtu skill building talks/workshops about lighting fires, cooking outside, fighting bears, eating poisonous snakes, and general outdoors skills. The trip will be leaving Friday afternoon (there will be cars and vans leaving at all times throughout the day) and coming back Sunday. You will be responsible for bringing a tent (can be rented from the club, limited supply), a sleeping bag (can be rented from the club, limited supply), and food for yourself. If this is going to be a problem please don't signup (or eat another member then steal their sleeping bag and tent).

An email will be sent out later this week to all the people who have "made it onto" the trip. It is first come first serve. We're really sorry if you don't make it on this trip. It is the most popular of the year and there will be plenty more that are much easier to get a spot for. I promise. Really. It happens every year. There will be more trips. Fun ones. With climbing. And rafting. Pinky swear.

Signups are....
HERE: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AkyqEai0nR5SdFVKdlF5Mll4aVZubGc5dTJDT2dhUFE&usp=sharing

If you're still reading, you didn't signup in time.

Take it easy,
Aleckz Kwin

POC_Order_Form.docx [292.71 KB]: https://pitt-community.symplicity.com/attachments/att5226b449743a3/POC_Order_Form.docx

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