POC: The Weekly Update

Hello all fellow outsidites,

We are officially launching a new semester with the Outdoors Club and it's going to be awesome! This semester we will be going caving, ice climbing, rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, white water kayaking, ice skating laser tagging, movie watching, Oakland stomping, hot chocolate drinking, law breaking, van driving, and much much more!

First, if you are new to the club you must sign a waiver and pay dues before you can go on any trips. The waivers can be found online at pittoutdoors.com, at office hours, or at the meetings. The dues for one semester are $10. This will cover transportation, lodging, and no-cost rental gear from the club for almost all of our trips.

More importantly, this weekend is going to allsome! On Friday, the lovely Madelyn Kasula will be leading us on a (slightly) impromptu trip to the Schenley ice skating rink to enjoy the quick, thick, and always slick Mr. Winter "Can't Stand On Me" Ice. We will be meeting at the ice rink at 9:30 for "adult time." The costs to skate will be the responsibility of you and not the club.

More info: http://www.city.pittsburgh.pa.us/parks/schenley_skating_rink.htm#sessions

On Saturday and Sunday this weekend we will be heading down to Franklin, West Virginiia for some caving and (possibly) snowshoeing. We will be leaving Saturday morning and coming home Sunday night. If you have any questions about this trip email Jordi Vogt (jav47@pitt.edu). You can sign up using our new system of online signups through this link:


Anyone who wants to drive a car, we could probably fit an extra 4-5 people in the cabin so that is a possibility. There is a place for this on the signup sheet. If you sign up, more details will be sent out later this week.

Also this week on Thursday at 7PM Joshua Cooomberland (I'll be there too if he's not enough for you) will be holding a top-roping workshop at the climbing wall for POC members. The climbing wall is in Trees hall. This is the first workshop in a series of winter workshops on whatever the hell we want to teach and you guys want to learn.

Anyway, in the spirit of keeping things long and drawn out I'd like to welcome all new members to the club. If you have any questions at all let me know (ajq3@pitt.edu).

Keep it interesting, keep it guessing, and above all keep it outdoors,
Alex Quinn

P.S. Follow us on Twitter @PittOutdoors and Facebook http://www.facebook.com/PittOutdoorsClub

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