POC: The Resurrection

tl;dr: POC meetings will be moving back outside to the Union lawn at 9pm on Tuesdays.


The time has come again my friends
to apoligize and make ammends
with these outdoors we love so dear.
For we have let her down I fear.

Lady winter came with all her might.
We hid like children without a fight
As cowardly lions we quickly ran
from snow, from cold, from the frozen land.

But finally comrades we go to war!
Mother nature has returned her warmth.
Like the wutang we will bring the ruckus!
And for Sparta we fight for sun above us!

Tonight we meet upon the lawn
in the trees, the grass, the warmth of dawn.
The soothing nudge of destiny awaits
at 9PM bitch...don't be late.

- Bill (The Thrill) Shakespeare

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