Outdoors Club: Can I have fries with my minutes?

I'm going to do this quick because I'm really tired.

 (That's what she said)

If anyone has any gear left from ANY trip this semester so far please email either Erin (ebm30@pitt.edu) or Domonic (dnm32@pitt.edu) about returning it.

Food Day is on Thursday. Food Day, from my understanding, is an event that is trying to get students to be more aware about what they're eating and promote local and organic food sources.There's also free food! I found this link that may or may not be accurate: http://www.foodday.org/48978/food_day_extravaganza

Our fall Seneca trip is this weekend. This is our climbing "graduation" trip of the Fall semester. If you are climbing on the trip you should already know it but if you have any questions talk to Tyler (tdq1@pitt.edu). Jordi is also taking some people out caving at Seneca. To sign up for this follow this link right here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AicKOBGFs2bFdHV1TjZ1MnkyYUJyTk8zNEp0cnkzX1E&usp=sharing

We are pretty limited with the amount of people we can take to Seneca.

Also, all the Nalgenes, Tshirts, and shot glasses are available. If you purchased one of these earlier in the semester talk to Troy (tmf39@pitt.edu) about claiming it. If you would still like to buy something we have some extras that we're selling (Nalgenes: $8, Tshirts: $10, Shot glasses: $5).

On another very important note we're going to Cheeseman's Fright Farm (LLC)next Thursday (like as in Halloween). Cheeseman's is a haunted place of adventures. We go every year and it's super fun. Also we need people to drive. If you're at all interested in going to Cheeseman's or would like to organize the trip to Cheeseman's (not hard) email me (ajq3@pitt.edu).

Finally if you have any ideas for awesome things to do for the rest of the semester and through winter let me (ajq3@pitt.edu) or another officer know. We would love to organize any cool thing you have in mind. These things can include volunteer work, masochistic cold things, or anything in between.

Other than that if you have any comments, concerns, compliments, complaints, cuestions, coaxes, or caws email Joey (jad186@pitt.edu) because he likes those sorts of things.

Take it easy, Alex

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