Meeting 23 days after Groundhog Day

Hey folks,

You know what's pretty freakin' cool? The National Parks system. The whole ass government decided that there's cool stuff in the woods and we shouldn't mess with it because it's cool. I think that's pretty cool. If you also think that's pretty cool, we've got a pretty cool opportunity for you right after spring break. 

March 21-22 we're heading out to Ohio, which is, regrettably, a part of this country. On the bright side though, we're going to Cuyahoga Valley National Park, a place that is certainly an Ohi-light of the state. Gonna do some hiking, it's gonna be pretty cool. I think there are some waterfalls, but don't take my word for it. Come sign up tonight if you think that sounds pretty cool. 

We're meeting in Lawrence 203 at 9pm, then waddling on over to Cathy to hang out with the folks sitting in for fossil fuel divestment. 

On that note, one of the biggest threats to public lands like national parks in the U.S. is fossil fuel extraction. Massive corporations, funded by this university, spend shitloads of money endlessly lobbying the government to roll back protections for all that cool stuff in the woods. If you think that's bullshit, you're absolutely right. It can feel like there's nothing we can do in the face of such a massive industry, but Pitt's 4.3 billion dollar endowment isn't a small chunk of change and we're on the verge of convincing the university to pull all the money they have invested in fossil fuels. So all day and all night we're hanging out in the Cathy Commons to convince the board of trustees to stop fucking up the place we all live. Come by and chill for the cause, it's pretty cool. 


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