Meeting 255 days after Groundhog Day

Hey folks,

Why did you join this club? Huh? What do you want out of this? Did you just want to hang out in the woods, maybe snag a few pics for the 'gram? Maybe you wanted a reason to get out of Oakland, dodge some homework.  Do you have some high-minded ideas about experiencing wilderness?  I bet you do.  You think you're John Fuckin' Muir?  Be honest, you're Thoreau at best.  Want to change that? Want to be cooler than Thoreau?  You can be cooler than Thoreau.  You can do that by strapping everything you need for a weekend to you back and coming to Dolly Sods.  It's a wilderness area in West Virginia.  Shit's beautiful, you'll love it.  

Come to 120 Lawrence tonight at 9pm to sign up.

Also this is our advanced backpacking trip, so maybe know what you're doing before you sign up.

All my love,

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