Meeting 58 days after Groundhog Day

Hey folks,

What are your thoughts on piles?  If they're anything but overwhelmingly positive I hope you're ready for that to change drastically because April 12-14 we're heading down to the best pile on this side of the Youghiogheny, Ohiopyle.  Not only is this pile at the top of the pile as far as piles go, it's better than the whole state of Ohio.  It's the best of both parts of its name!  There's going to be some hiking, there's going to be some climbing, and there's going to be some mountain biking sprinkled in there, you know, for the kids.  

In this section of the email, back despite a complete lack of demand, I'm going to talk about Cris' ass.  It's wonderful, it's great, it's what gets me up in the morning.  No matter how you feel about caves you should absolutely go on the caving trip to Spruce Knob April 12-14 for the sake of Cris' ass.  Caving trips are an unbeatable opportunity to stare at Cris' ass for an extended period of time without getting weird looks from everyone else at the outdoors club meeting.  

You can sign up for these trips tonight at 9pm in A221 Langley.  

For those of you who were on the trip to the New last weekend, Steve and Fabian got some awesome pictures!  Here's a link to them:


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