Marketing and Elections

We are teaming up with a marketing class to do a focus group on outdoor gear this Wednesday 1/31 at 6pm in Mervis Hall room 119. It should take about an hour to an hour and a half. There will be free pizza and drinks! Please RSVP to Jon Rusoff at or 914-648-0330 if you want to attend. They need about 4-5 outdoorsy boys and 4-5 outdoorsy girls. Come spray about why your gear is supreme! 

We'll have board elections on 2/6 at 9pm, so come out to pitch why people should vote for you, ask hard questions of each other, and decide the club's fate next year. Joining the Outdoors Club board is a great way to gain leadership experience, grow the club, make really close friends, and give back to a club that has given so much to you. Coming to vote gives you a voice in the club's tone and objectives for next year. The candidates will not see who voted for them, so you needn't worry.

If you wish to run, please email Rita ( with the position you're interested in. Attached is a document with descriptions of all the positions, but in short, there are the board positions of president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, and the chair positions of climbing, hiking, caving, whitewater, slacklining, mountain biking, trail running, and social/service/special events. There's also the extremely important gear master position, which rumor has it, is a one-way track to becoming president. The club is open to having co-chairs so if you don't want to run against your best friend, fear not, you could both share a position. 

People voted in in February will assist the current board and learn how to do their duties through the rest of the semester, and then take full control starting in the fall.

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