P O under the C

It's that time in the week we have been waiting for my weary wanderers. Don't worry, we've only got about a week of wandering wearily left and after weeping over exams you feel you wasted a week working towards, we can all welax and wejoice they are wover. In case you couldn't tell, this morning's email is brought to you by the letter W, as in Wumbo. You know, I wumbo, you wumbo, he – she – me…wumbo. Wumbology! The study of wumbo?! It's first grade, but that's beside the point.

Friday. 6pm. VO Seasonal Hike. Be there or be square(pants). Seriously though, this is the last club activity of the year so come out and enjoy one more day with your favorite club. Here's the link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1V0g8UJ-CR9qYh47FQ5_XZlYqN2Kipr1GVx6I1QXClKQ/edit?usp=sharing

Not very involved in volunteering on campus? Maybe it's about time you give a thread! Signup for the extremely laborious job of receiving clothes and gently placing them in a box! And Don't forget to donate on your own as well. Yeah, charity!!!! Here's the link, https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1YrGHUixD91JrLItLUA4APoQYhEe9lJMhj8cFndq1DCA/viewform

Finally, get your eager face on kids because it's time to start thinking about elections for next year. They will be held February 3 (seemed like a good time). Start working on your platforms because the competition will be fierce. For a description of the various positions, there should be an attachment (should be, my tech skills are shoddy at best).

Some important questions to answer for your campaign are:

Are you a Dirty Dan or a Pinhead Larry?

What's worse than a giant paint bubble?
A: 2 giant paint bubbles B: Finals C: Market at the end of the semester

Is mayonnaise an instrument?

Happy holidays everyone, hope no one is claustrophobic (afraid of Santa Claus)
Ol' Saint Nick, HO HO HO

Leadership_Positions_and_Roles.docx [27.29 KB]: https://pitt-community.symplicity.com/attachments/att547f4802077d7/Leadership_Positions_and_Roles.docx

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