Meeting Minutes

Gentlemen of forest and ladies of the land,

Just to recap last week's meeting here are the results of officer elections:

President - Troy Ferland
VP - Katherine Anderson
Treasurer - Philip Sweet
Secretary - Nick Penatzer

Climbing Chairs - Joey DeShane, Grady Martin
Backpacking Chairs - Erik Jensen, Brendan Karras
Water Chair - Caroline Baggott
Caving Chairs - Jordan Vogt, Ali Greenholt
Special Events Chair - Sara Geary, Amy Johnson
Gear Masters - Dominic Milesi, Evan Scott
Web Master - Dominic Milesi


Congrats to all our new Officers and Chairs, and thanks to everyone who came to vote.

Now on to the gooey good stuff

(1) GASP Bike Ride Data Collection

Shawn McMullen, an intern from GASP came and talked about an air quality awareness bike ride that is happening on April 4th. Riding/air sampling is happening over the course of 12 hours from 8am to 8pm to help gather data! You need not ride for the entire time, any help is welcome. The event is bring your own bike, but if you're interested the doodle poll link is below:

and Shawn's email is if you have any more questions!

(2) POC Relay for Life Team!

Rachel and Katherine are heading the POC relay for life team this year and they need your help!
Are you good at

Email Katherine at to help out any way you can.
You are totally uncool if you don't help out. So be cool.

(3) Explorer's Club of Pittsburgh Rock Climbing Class

This is a seriously classy way to get some way cool climbing know-how and experience. The class will be starting in April and ending at some point in May -- applications are due on March 13th (sorry for the late notice, whoops), but if you want more information, email our resident rock guy extraordinaire, Joey DeShane, at

(4) Her Campus 2nd Annual Charmers for Charity Male Underwear Pageant

The Outdoors Club will be well-represented at the Underwear Pageant again this year (I heard the guy who did it last year was like, smoking hot), by our new champion, Connor Martin! Cue trumpets, timpanis, tubas, tambourines, and other instruments starting with t. Connor will be strutting his stuff to raise money for the New River Alliance of Climbers, and he needs our support. Money donation is optional, but moral support is what we're going for. If you aren't doing anything on Thursday from 7-9pm, head to the Assembly Room of the Union to show Connor you care (we love you Connor)!

(5) After Spring Break Heads UP

Things are gonna starting heating up after spring break, even if the weather doesn't!

On the weekend of March 21st a backpacking trip will be heading out to Dolly Sods, sign ups to come soon.

That same weekend, the lovely Miss Jordy will be going down to Franklin WV to go caving. Email her at if you have any questions, concerns, compliments, etc, or if you want to sign up for the trip.


That's all I got, you lovely, lovely people.

See you after break!

Yours Troy-ly


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