Thursday, January 14, 2016

Re: [P.O.C.] I'm Dreaming of a White Outdoors Minutes

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Welcome back snow meisters!

I hope you had a good winter break, I know that I am itching to get outside again!

If you only paid dues for last semester, make sure that you pay them for this semester too, otherwise you won't be able to our super dope trips!

If you have not filled out a waiver at all this year, here they are

Also, if you have not completed your service requirement last semester, you have to do one per year, so check it out!

Monday 1/18 10am-1pm

MLK service with Kim! (because contrary to college belief, that is why we get MLK day off)  Kim can take 10 people to do riverfront maintenance and beautification.  So get on that and help people out


Saturday 1/23 10am-6pm

Our fist trip of the semester is a chill one, (like. Chill bruh).  Skiing at Seven Springs!!!  The following stuff is FREE: Skis or snowboard.  Lift ticket And make sure you fill out the fun category, or I'll give you dirty looks.  Sign up here


Tuesday 2/2/16

The coveted elections will be held.  (duh duh duh) We are going to have plenty of positions open.  President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Climbing Chair, Backpacking Chair, Water Chair, Special Events Chair, Caving Chair, Gear Master.  Email Dom at to nominate either yourself or someone else.  Get ready to get political.  Play nice, no slander here.  Here is a description of all responsibilities.


That's all you silly spilly people.  Can't wait to see you all next week.

Bestest Bud,

Connnor Amerigo Vespuchi VII

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