Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mama Minutes

POC (People Of Corrosion????) Members

We got some winter wonderland time planned for stuff.


If you still need to sign a waiver, it's attached man-bear-pig


Saturday 1/23

Skiiii trip.  If you signed up, you will get an email saying whether or not you are in with more info.


Saturday 1/30

At the Pitt Climbing wiggity wall, the bouldering competition is Saturday 1/30 9am (so get your butts outta bed).  Facebook page hither https://www.facebook.com/events/1679808658967078/


Elections are 2/2.  Nominations are due by NEXT MEETING!  So if you want to run for a position, email Dom at dnm32@pitt.edu and let him know.  We need a brave group of leaders for the club. Attachment with positions on here yooo.


Merchandise (oooooo, ahhhhh) is still available.  Bring c-c-cash to buy stuff.  $10 for shmexy shirts, $15 for groovy water bottles.


Also, if you email me only providing a gmail and you get the minutes through your Pitt email, I cannot remove you unless you give me your Pitt email.

Make sure that you contact us through outdoorsclub.pitt@gmail.comDO NOT REPLY TO THE MINUTES otherwise everyone will get 500 emails, and no one likes that.

If you wish to unsubscribe go to this page and do so.  https://list.pitt.edu/mailman/listinfo/poc

Bybybybyby (I'm tired)

The Con-Man Martin