Wednesday, December 3, 2014

P O under the C

It's that time in the week we have been waiting for my weary wanderers. Don't worry, we've only got about a week of wandering wearily left and after weeping over exams you feel you wasted a week working towards, we can all welax and wejoice they are wover. In case you couldn't tell, this morning's email is brought to you by the letter W, as in Wumbo. You know, I wumbo, you wumbo, he – she – me…wumbo. Wumbology! The study of wumbo?! It's first grade, but that's beside the point.

Friday. 6pm. VO Seasonal Hike. Be there or be square(pants). Seriously though, this is the last club activity of the year so come out and enjoy one more day with your favorite club. Here's the link

Not very involved in volunteering on campus? Maybe it's about time you give a thread! Signup for the extremely laborious job of receiving clothes and gently placing them in a box! And Don't forget to donate on your own as well. Yeah, charity!!!! Here's the link,

Finally, get your eager face on kids because it's time to start thinking about elections for next year. They will be held February 3 (seemed like a good time). Start working on your platforms because the competition will be fierce. For a description of the various positions, there should be an attachment (should be, my tech skills are shoddy at best).

Some important questions to answer for your campaign are:

Are you a Dirty Dan or a Pinhead Larry?

What's worse than a giant paint bubble?
A: 2 giant paint bubbles B: Finals C: Market at the end of the semester

Is mayonnaise an instrument?

Happy holidays everyone, hope no one is claustrophobic (afraid of Santa Claus)
Ol' Saint Nick, HO HO HO

Leadership_Positions_and_Roles.docx [27.29 KB]:

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

POC, Easy As 1, 2, 3

Hurry up slowpoke, because this is the link for geocaching with venture outdoors. If you want to mingle with mountainous members of other universities. The deadline is Thursday at noon so don't wait. If you want to go on a treasure hunt, walk around with a gps, find ground zero, possibly pick up a geocoin or a travel bug, and meet other awesome people like you [Yes I'm talking about you sexy ;) ] then sign up. Oh, and because I forgot to mention, THERE WILL BE FOOD!!! So make sure you sign up by Thursday at 12.

The following week will be a hiking trip with venture outdoors so stay tuned.

If you want to make a difference, save the whales, and potentially put Kevin Vose and I out of future jobs (Chemical/Petroleum Engineers), then come join the Fossil Free PITT Coalition which will talk about getting Pitt to divest from companies involved with the petroleum industry. The meeting will be held Nov. 18, 2014 at 7pm in the WPU.

Finally, Jordi is attending a volunteer tree planting event at North Park from 8am to 1pm. Now you have an opportunity to save the planet twice! Doing so automatically gives you superhero status and the right to run around in tights (like Grady and Dom) with your underwear on the outside and a bed sheet for a cape on your back (#Disclaimer: these actions may subject you to ridicule and a host of derogatory comments from those who don't know you are a super hero) But seriously, come out and plant trees, because remember…….We do it outdoors! If you have any questions, email Jordi at and you can register her REMEMBER TO SIGN UP FOR NOV. 8 @ NORTH PARK.

Don't Panic. I know the email is over but if you ever want to discuss Life, the Universe, and Everything or Hitchhike through the Galaxy to find a Restaurant at the End of the Universe, just let us know. With that, So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.

Nick Penatzer, your Secret(ary) Just remember, the answer is 42.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

POC Part 1: Rise of the T Shirts

Hey Everyone,

Just a few tasty, tidbits about tonight's POC meeting.

1st: We will still be at the WPU. Why? Because the weather is still freakin beautiful, that's why.

2nd: If you want a t-shirt, the google doc is still up until tomorrow. Also, if you already signed up to get a shirt, you can bring us your money tonight.

3rd: That will be all until tonight's second email (the important one) goes out.

Stay tuned for POC Part II: Revenge of the Dirty Laundry

-Nick Peanut (zer)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Whose Days? The POC’s of Course

#NOTE: If you have an issue about anything, quit replying to the pitt outdoors gmail because no one moderates it. It is merely a channel through which we send out these messages. Instead email this handsome devil, Troy Ferland at if you have any issues. Thank You.

To our regular members, back to business. What day is it? Do you know what day it is? Huh? Do yuh? It's hump day, HUMP DAY, YEEAAAHHH at 4:01 A.M. to be specific. Well folks, we're back from that crazy long commercial break we call Wednesday through Monday. And for all of you who keep on reading week after week, you keep doing you because that's awesome.

Two weeks ago's next week was Dolly Sods, which apparently was very awesome and Sods-like. There were beautiful vistas, some typical West Virginia dampness, and the man, the myth, the legend Erik (Daaaaa Beard) Jensen as your guide through the whole experience. What more could you ask for. Also, on Saturday, a group traveled with venture outdoors to do some day climbing (Yeeaaahhhh). We will continue to cram as much awesomeness into our schedule before the snow flies, so continue following this grand group of nature nuts.

GET PUMPED!!! This week is the grandest of the grand, and coldest of the cold weekend trips for the semester. Those who received an email confirming they have made it for the climbing portion of this trip, Congrats, you stuck it out. Jordi is taking a select group of people on a caving scavenger hunt as well. She has already filled the spots for her trip from people who went to the meeting as well, but if you are interested, email her at and if anyone drops out, you could possibly make it.

Also…T-shirt orders are now possible via a google doc that was meticulously put together by our man Troy after he made it back from the bar. Thanks Troy, couldn't have done it without you.

Sorry that was so quick, but I'm really tired. (wa wa waaaaa)

I'll leave you on a philosophical note:
As a person moves on from what was once late into the day to early in the morning, he/she begins to ponder the many questions of life. What is my purpose? Is there a way to become more than myself? At what point do you just commit to staying awake until your 10 A.M. How can milk from market have a 3 week sell by date? Why am I still awake typing this email? More importantly, WHY ARE YOU STILL UP READING IT???
Goodnight/Happy Humpday everyone, I'll see you in a few hours
Nature Nick

# I'm going to add one more question to the list above, why does Pitt WiFi insist on being slow when I need to send 3000 emails? It's like the university gave us a bowl of chili...and a set of chop sticks.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

POC Paradox

Is this Troy again, or is Nick back in action??? Stay tuned to find out (#SPOILER-It's Nick [or is it], and our POC president [possibly me] is Troy-ly a good person for helping me [you don't even have a clue to who this is anymore] out last week).

First, REEL ROCK WAS AWESOME!!! For another year in a row, the film was great, and we bonded as a club (awwwwww). And even though my (and everyone else's) hopes of winning one of the raffle prizes was shattered (much like Connor's ankle) we all still had a pretty dope time, just like the climber's at the Lower Merced River (Reel Rock Reference, if you didn't make it, ask because its hilarious).

Let's get down to brass tacks my outdoorsy people of Pitt. Do you love West Virginia? How 'bout slightly better weather than what we have here (emphasis on slightly)? Beautiful rolling hills of Autumn's amber colors? What about walking for long distances while simultaneously hauling all that you need to survive this grand environment on your back and no signs of civilization for miles around. Well, if the first 3 sounded appealing, they make up for the 4th. What am I even talking about at this point you might ask? DOLLY SODS of course!!!! This is THE, with a capital T,H,&E hiking/backpacking trip of the year, led by our own resident ranger Erik (Commanding Whiskers) Jensen. It is a fantastic experience and the signups will be shown after this brief but important info bulletin.
#NOTE: If you want to come on the Dolly Sods trip, you MUST (it's a requirement) have appropriate shoes for the excursion, no exceptions.

Here's the (hero of the Legend of Zelda games)>>

Are you feeling lucky, punk? Well you should, because being the 1000th person to read this email, you've just won a new car! Well, maybe not a new car, but how about a chance to get on this exclusive Venture Outdoors climbing trip, Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. It's near Dunbar PA, and from what I've seen on Mtn Project, it's a pretty nice area. Don't wait, sign up while supplies last.

Seneca is closing in on us folks. And you know what that means: Workshops, which indirectly means quality time with your man, Joey DeShane. I mean, how could you not like spending time with the guy who is obviously going to take over the "Most Interesting Man in the World" commercials one day? Well, you know the drill, turn down for sign ups:
#NOTE: There are 2, and yes you have to sign up and attend both to climb at Seneca.

Well I'll see you crazy kids next Tuesday, your pal Connor (WHHHAAAAATTTTT???????). Nope, it actually is Nick but now I assume you are so distrustful you won't believe anything I type here anyway. Enjoy your Wednesday (<Who decided how to spell this word)

Saturday, October 11, 2014


Hello Fellow Friends of Future Foresty Endeavors (FFFFE). Yes it may be odd, but this is an important announcement for the POC. One of our members has come up with a T-shirt design for this year and we will begin taking orders (sizes and money) at the informal meeting this Tuesday (which will take place after the REEL ROCK event at Carnegie), as well as the next meeting. We will have some more info for you at these meetings but if you want to show some POC pride, come order a t-shirt. You can all thank our caving chair Jordi (you rock Jordi) for coming up with the design which will be featured below the next announcement.

Also, due to the extended holiday weekend, there will be no Frisbee this Sunday because a large portion of the university, (including me) have gone home.

Now for the designs:

PITT_outdoors_club_front-01.jpg [784.39 KB]:

PITT_outdoors_club_back-01.jpg [826.19 KB]:

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

POC: Perfectly Outstanding Club

This email is all about the cold, hard, facts (Mainly because I have a shit ton of work to do) so here we go.

This weekend, our backpacking chair Erik will be taking out an awesome weekend long backpacking trip. If you like walking around in the wilderness with friends, this is your trip.

Those of you looking to take part in PMADD with an affiliate club (Food Recovery Heroes) sign up by Friday to get in touch with your volunteering side.

Seneca (our graduate climbing trip) comes up in a month. To go on this trip, you must take part in all four of the climbing workshops held in the next few weeks. They start today so make sure you sign up.

Skydiving this weekend, WOOO!!! We have 9 jumpers so hopefully we aren't 9 members short next Tuesday.

Frisbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! We will be playing Frisbee with the club Friday's 5-7 and Sunday's 2-4 on the Pete lawn STARTING THIS SUNDAY.

Jordi will be holding a caving trip in two weeks (weekend of fall break). More to come on that.

Finally, cue the sad trumpet music as we mourn the loss of taco Tuesday. It ended abruptly and we will miss it greatly. Come to Q'Doba Friday at 1 for the last burrito Friday. NEVER FORGET!!!

Once again, sorry for the shitty email, but they can't all be winners.

POC: Perfectly Outstanding Club

This email is all about the cold, hard, facts (Mainly because I have a shit ton of work to do) so here we go.

This weekend, our backpacking chair Erik will be taking out an awesome weekend long backpacking trip. If you like walking around in the wilderness with friends, this is your trip.

Those of you looking to take part in PMADD with an affiliate club (Food Recovery Heroes) sign up by Friday to get in touch with your volunteering side.

Seneca (our graduate climbing trip) comes up in a month. To go on this trip, you must take part in all four of the climbing workshops held in the next few weeks. They start today so make sure you sign up.

Skydiving this weekend, WOOO!!! We have 9 jumpers so hopefully we aren't 9 members short next Tuesday.

Frisbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! We will be playing Frisbee with the club Friday's 5-7 and Sunday's 2-4 on the Pete lawn STARTING THIS SUNDAY.

Jordi will be holding a caving trip in two weeks (weekend of fall break). More to come on that.

Finally, cue the sad trumpet music as we mourn the loss of taco Tuesday. It ended abruptly and we will miss it greatly. Come to Q'Doba Friday at 1 for the last burrito Friday. NEVER FORGET!!!

Once again, sorry for the shitty email, but they can't all be winners.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

POC, NRG, SSS, and all the other acronyms you know you love!

Rock Climbing's fun, caving is too. NRG this weekend? Yes that means YOU!!! Can't forget hiking, that would be sad, and Ohiopyle rafting, it's gonna be rad! Most important of all, what you might think? Secret Sandwich Society, with good food and good drink. How do I sign up, where do I go? The link comes up later, so look out below!

Happy Tuesday everyone and welcome back for another riveting installment of The POC Meeting Minutes (vol. 2, issue 4 "Return of the NRG") Yes that's right folks, this weekend we will be making the long, arduous journey to the mountainous landscape known as West Virginia. Some of you won't survive the trip, but with strength in numbers, I'm expecting at least 9 people to make it through. Here's the activity breakdown for the NEW RIVER GORGE:

Climbing: For those of you who frequently enjoy getting high
Hiking: For those who like to stay on the on the ground (not above it, nor below)
Caving: For all of you who like to go down and get dirty
(It's been rumored bouldering could happen as well for those who like to get a little high)

The link can be found by deciphering the following clues:
1) It's at the bottom
2) Check the bottom
If these are stumping you, try this riddle:
What is a different color than the other text, and is at the bottom

For the people with rocks in their heads, you need to meet with Joey (Tradmaster) DeShane at Trees hall and have a climbing workshop. You must show up to one before the trip. If you have completed one for a prior trip you're all good.

Get your gear here. Free to members. Who passes up free gear? Or maybe that's beer, but that's beside the point. If you need a lightweight, portable home or a synthetic, human cocoon you should get in touch with slackline extraordinaire Dom(nomnomnomnom)onic and schedule a meeting time to rent these items for the outrageous price of nothing. We will be providing all the other gear you need such as wall walking shoes and the newest fashion of headwear and belts. The only thing we WILL NOT be bringing is food for you, so make sure to pack some or starve (cue dramatic music with the "dun dun DUUUNNNNN" sound) He's also the man with a bouldering plan, so if that sounds like your cup of tea, talk with Dom.

Also occurring this weekend will be the Venture Outdoors Ohiopyle Rafting Trip, or the VOORT for short. Caroline will be heading that project which will leave earlier Saturday morning. The signups for that are also below.

Frisbee people rejoice, a doodle has been created so that we can establish some times to play within the club. Please respond to this doodle if you would be interested in playing.

News flash: For those of you who are very sad that Connor Martin's Tacopalooza is over, fret not. It will be coming round the mountain again next Tuesday, and the Tuesday after that, and the one after that, and the one after that … so on and so forth until the end of time (aka the end of the semester) So, if you're hungry at 8pm on Tuesdays, we can Tacommodate you.

Finally, our special events chair Sara Geary is asking that anyone who wants to skydive can email her at to discuss the cost and details.


VO Rafting:

I leave you with one of the most inspirational, heart wrenching, and serious quotes I've ever heard in a movie. "I am Groot" --- Groot

That's all for tonight everyone, thanks a bundle.
Nick Penatzer

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Give Me Meeting Minutes or Give Me Death (or Tacos)

IT'S TUESDAY (sorry I got busy, it's now Wednesday)!!! That means:
a) This is the Outdoors Club Meeting Minutes
b) Tacos were sold at discount prices
c) A Mr. Ferland discussed awesome nature stuff at the WPU
d) All of the above

If you chose d, then that means you and the other 2999 people getting this email have one common interest, and that ladies of the lakes and men of the mountains is the Pitt Outdoors Club (and possibly beer).

This past weekend was our day climbing trip to the lost crag as well as our Venture Outdoors bike ride. The Lost Crag kept to its name by disorienting some of our members, and though it was a bit of a moist morning, the afternoon was breezy and beautiful. The bike ride also had some sun and those looking for the feel of two wheels really enjoyed themselves.

CAUTION! Click at your own risk:

Why you ask? Because once you go climbing, you'll be addicted, and possibly feel the need to put the woods before work on your priorities list. Because we had such a humdinger (it's a word) of a good time this weekend, our resident rock man Joey (mountain man) DeShane has decided to hold another day trip to Breakneck Rocks this weekend. Also, this is a good chance to ask him all of your fungus based questions. We found out last week this guy knows his shrooms.

Back to the future future, in two (count'em two) weeks, we will be taking our second large trip of the semester to THE NEW RIVER GORGE!!!!!!!!!!! We will have hiking, climbing, doing water stuff, tenting, food (if you bring it), merriment, hopefully no rain, West Virginia scenery, an incredibly large bridge, and friends who love nature. While this is all amazing, those who have gone before know there is an extra, hush-hush, and undisclosed reason to go on this trip. I'm discussing the SSS here people. While an SOS is a cry for help, the SSS is a cry for the most delicious sandwiches you may have ever had. One could even say that its practically a society of sorts. We'll keep you posted.

For those interested in climbing, Joey DeShane will be holding more climbing workshops next week so stay tuned for that.

I was asked by our special events chair, Sara Geary, to post this link for information on the free-fall of the fall semester. Sara plans on taking a group skydiving probably sometime in October, so if you are interested, this has some info you might like to see.

Also for those of you who want to join us for some healthy exercise tossing around a circular piece of plastic, we are trying to get people to play ultimate certain days of the week. We will add a survey to the Facebook soon enough to poll you about what times would be good so keep up to date on that.

Finally, come to Connor Martin's Taco Tuesdays at Q'Doba and enjoy tacos that your stomach and wallet can both probably agree with.

Stay outdoorsy my friends,

Yours Forever (or until I graduate), Nick

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Did Someone Say Meeting Minutes?

Did Someone Say Meeting Minutes?

Hey all you nature lovers from another mother. Yes it's that time of the week where you've been anxiously awaiting the sign-ups for some of our awesome activities. You just need to navigate all the questionable grammar, bad jokes, and amazing updates we are slinging your way.

First up: OHIOPYLE WAS LA BOMBA (that happens to be Spanish for freaking awesome). Many enjoyable memories were made, people really (and I mean really) got to know each other [mostly due to the disproportionate number of tents to people (tents<<<people)] and despite the rain, we partied on and there was even one sketchy game of ultimate frisbee. If you still have gear, BRING IT BACK!!! It may seem illogical but we might actually need to use it again. Contact Gear the Dom-master at

Next up, like meat? How about meat in a giant folded nacho. Well, if the thought appeals to you then step right up for Connor Martin's Taco Tuesday (Extravaganza) every Tuesday night at 8pm, yes 8pm only 1 pm sooner than our 9pm meetings. Remember, tacos always taste better when they're cheaper on Tuesday (unless you want a burrito, but that's just wrong). Meet other Mexican food lovers and chill at Q'doba with the macho (nacho) members of this great club. Have a question? Taco-bout it with the Taco twin at

What's that? A bird, a plane, a UFO? NOOOO! It's a Frisbee and a few of us will be playing ultimate (or just catch depending on how many of you show up, seriously come out and play) on the Pete lawn at 2:30 till 4 pm tomorrow (or today, Wednesday, depending on when this email goes out). Come get to know some of us a little better and enjoy a little friendly competition.

Now onto the part you guys were actually waiting for. We know many of you are addicted to the rock already and we have your fix. This Saturday the club will be taking a day trip to Breakneck Rocks (such an inspiring name). To come on this trip our climbing chair Joey (baby kangaroo) DeShane is holding intro to climbing sessions where he or Grady Martin (our Co-climbing chair and Twin to the Taco Chair) will be teaching you the basics of climbing, i.e. how to belay, tie knots, be safe, cook bacon, etc, you know, just the essentials. To come onto the trip you must come to one of the sessions listed below:

Tuesday 5-8 (already happened)
Wednesday 7-10
Thursday 4-10
Friday 2-7

The sessions shouldn't be more than half an hour but why up and run when you can spend time with these two guys. Joey: & Grady:

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Come out and feel that two wheel freedom as we bike with venture outdoors through ________ at _________o'clock (I wasn't given specifics, we will let you know). Also, one of our members who works at the OTB Bicycle Café has recommended afterward that we stop in, pop a squat, and order some food once we are finished.

What gets you on one of these awesome trips and rhymes with sink? The link of course. Signups can be found right here---------> Just kidding. They are actually, right…



I leave you with this my good friends, fellow members, and very brief acquaintances. What you have received is very powerful, but remember that with great power comes great responsibility.

Over & Out,
Nick Penatzer

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


WHATS UP EVERYBODY!!!!!:)!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!HI!!!!!!

If you're getting this email it means one thing, you have a hankering to get down and dirty with the outdoors club {How could you not? [We are the best club on campus (Yeah POC)]} This is the first official email for the club this semester and its chock full of outdoorsy goodness.
SOOOOOOO, onto all the important happenings in this happening club.

First and foremost OHIOPYLE IS THIS WEEKEND (5th, 6th, and 7th) WOOOOO. This is our grand kickoff for the year and is a great place to make friends and find your faction. Like to crawl up a rock face with nothing but your bare hands (and climbing shoes)? Join the other rock loving people around you and climb away. For all of you H2O lovers out there, come join the water people as we raft down the mighty Yough. And finally, all you weary wanderers (I think that's a word) come hike around this majestic park and take some stellar pics while you're at it. Don't want to be held down by the shackles of a faction, then try something new on a future trip.

On a serious note, Hiking, Climbing, and Rafting (oh my) this weekend at Ohiopyle. You don't need to have any legitimate prior experience, so don't be afraid to sign up. Also we have all the technical/safety gear you will need. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU HAVEN'T PAID DUES & FILLED OUT A WAIVER YOU CAN'T JOIN US ON ANY TRIPS, but if you satisfy those two requirements in the future you can.
I have posted the link to the signups somewhere in this email, so may the odds be ever in your favor for finding it and making the cut. (HINT: Its right here  )

Sorry I have to add this but any of you trying to get on the trip by removing others shall be banished forever, and ever (and ever). But really, Don't do it. We will catch you and scratch you from the list.

GEAR: If you have your own gear OUTSTANDING. Please bring it. If not don't worry, you can email and arrange a meeting with our one and very own DOM THE GEAR MASTER (coolest title in club). His email is / 408-306-6327 (call/text for gear-related issues only)

We will also be hosting climbing workshops in an effort to help those of you with little experience or who need a refresher course. One will be held this Thursday at the trees hall rock wall (4 to 10PM are the open hours) and you can contact our climbing chair Joey DeShane (one of two best beards in club) at his email

WOW this is taking forever. If you intend to keep reading, it's dangerous to go alone so take this ( ) (haha a link to Link)

If you want to a) know any more about the outdoor club; b) get any more contact info; c) see our calendar of future events; or d) all of the above, visit the outdoor club at our blogspot page here or at our facebook page (and I believe there is also a twitter that no one uses)

Our Taco Chair, the wonderful Connor Martin will be leading the hordes of you mexican food lovers to Q'Doba every Tuesday at 8 before meetings for the consumption of low price tacos. Be there or be square.
I would mention future events, but holy #%&$ that took way too long and I just posted the blogspot link. So knowing I still have some homework to attend to farethee well members new and old. It is a long journey ahead but one full of nature, friends, activities, fires, food, friends, probably rain at some point, and most importantly friends because there are a ton of you on this email list so get to know someone new (you might be tenting with them) and we look forward to meeting you all.

Signing off, your pretty tired secretary,
Nick Penatzer

PS: Do any of you enjoy country music (There is a very important reason behind this question so if you do, email me at and if not please don't send hatemail about how you despise it)

Whew, I'll leave it at that. Night everyone!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fwd: Outdoors Club Meeting Minutes

Hey all you restless recreational types,

Yeah it's that time of the year, where everyone's professors choose to make everything due at once, gotta love it.

But enough on that, because everyone also knows that this weekend is the best, last, and fast approaching final trip for the outdoors club this semester (unless of course you want float with David Uber in 12 days (Yes, today's the 8th and it's April, you get the point). Regardless, this is the last official climbing trip of the year so those of you who like to scale objects for no other reason than to get to the top, this trip's for you. Its also the place to be if you enjoy walking, talking, walking, eating, walking, socializing, tenting out in the wilderness, and yes more walking (shortened form: hiking).

So if you want to get on the inside track for this exclusive, members only activity just sign up...
...wait for it...

Need gear? email Dom (gearmaster) at or if you have any questions about the trip or life in general, email Troy (there can only be one) Ferland(er) at

Finally, don't miss out on the final Taco Tuesday of the semester with your host, Connor Martin as we pave our way towards the beginning of summer.

This wound up being way longer than I ever intended so for those of you who skimmed, here's the cliff notes:
1) Climbing, Hiking, Friends, Late Nights, Early(ish) Mornings, and West Virginia backcountry this weekend
2)Tacos on Tuesday

Th-th-th-that's all folks
Nick Penatzer

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Meeting Minutes

Gentlemen of forest and ladies of the land,

Just to recap last week's meeting here are the results of officer elections:

President - Troy Ferland
VP - Katherine Anderson
Treasurer - Philip Sweet
Secretary - Nick Penatzer

Climbing Chairs - Joey DeShane, Grady Martin
Backpacking Chairs - Erik Jensen, Brendan Karras
Water Chair - Caroline Baggott
Caving Chairs - Jordan Vogt, Ali Greenholt
Special Events Chair - Sara Geary, Amy Johnson
Gear Masters - Dominic Milesi, Evan Scott
Web Master - Dominic Milesi


Congrats to all our new Officers and Chairs, and thanks to everyone who came to vote.

Now on to the gooey good stuff

(1) GASP Bike Ride Data Collection

Shawn McMullen, an intern from GASP came and talked about an air quality awareness bike ride that is happening on April 4th. Riding/air sampling is happening over the course of 12 hours from 8am to 8pm to help gather data! You need not ride for the entire time, any help is welcome. The event is bring your own bike, but if you're interested the doodle poll link is below:

and Shawn's email is if you have any more questions!

(2) POC Relay for Life Team!

Rachel and Katherine are heading the POC relay for life team this year and they need your help!
Are you good at

Email Katherine at to help out any way you can.
You are totally uncool if you don't help out. So be cool.

(3) Explorer's Club of Pittsburgh Rock Climbing Class

This is a seriously classy way to get some way cool climbing know-how and experience. The class will be starting in April and ending at some point in May -- applications are due on March 13th (sorry for the late notice, whoops), but if you want more information, email our resident rock guy extraordinaire, Joey DeShane, at

(4) Her Campus 2nd Annual Charmers for Charity Male Underwear Pageant

The Outdoors Club will be well-represented at the Underwear Pageant again this year (I heard the guy who did it last year was like, smoking hot), by our new champion, Connor Martin! Cue trumpets, timpanis, tubas, tambourines, and other instruments starting with t. Connor will be strutting his stuff to raise money for the New River Alliance of Climbers, and he needs our support. Money donation is optional, but moral support is what we're going for. If you aren't doing anything on Thursday from 7-9pm, head to the Assembly Room of the Union to show Connor you care (we love you Connor)!

(5) After Spring Break Heads UP

Things are gonna starting heating up after spring break, even if the weather doesn't!

On the weekend of March 21st a backpacking trip will be heading out to Dolly Sods, sign ups to come soon.

That same weekend, the lovely Miss Jordy will be going down to Franklin WV to go caving. Email her at if you have any questions, concerns, compliments, etc, or if you want to sign up for the trip.


That's all I got, you lovely, lovely people.

See you after break!

Yours Troy-ly


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Outdoors Club Minutes

it's that time of week again!!


1) HIKING Trip. Frick Park. Sunday @ 11AM. email for more info.


2) CAVING trip!! this trip is the greatest of the great. i have been hypin' it for months for good reason. come to west virginia sat 22 and sat 23 to CAVE WITH CREEPY CRAWLERS like jordy. sign ups with go out next week, come to the meeting with questions/concerns/emotional advice from jordy vogt!

3) yo, if ya wanna be sitting at hillman writing this email, craving a blueberry muffin from cup & chaucer, and writing a 9 page midterm paper next year*, BECOME AN OFFICER!

ELECTIONS will be at our meeting on tuesday february 25th at 9 PM in cathedral 239. hereeee are the positions!:

you must be NOM(nomnomnom) another club member. email troy @ to nominate someone.

*disclaimer: you will not become me and have to write a long winded essay or have an insatiable craving for muffins and pie, but you might write an email or 2.

4) if you got GEAR turn it in. bring it to a meeting. we need that back! for real.

w/ $10 for the semester
this includes: all the gear, trips, and car stuff (minus sky diving) AND with an added bonus of lifelong memories and endless amounts of laughter and merriment

6) if you wanna do RELAY FOR LIFE, email I wanna lead a group and i want you to join! this is an event that raises money for cancer research and treatment and prevention and all that good stuff! check it out online, the proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society

7) we need a male underwear champion to represent the outdoors club in Her Campus' UNDERWEAR FASHION SHOW
prize: eternal glory and respect along with the right to walk around shirtless at all our of camping trips ;) ahh heyy

that's it!

keep being great