Tuesday, September 23, 2014

POC, NRG, SSS, and all the other acronyms you know you love!

Rock Climbing's fun, caving is too. NRG this weekend? Yes that means YOU!!! Can't forget hiking, that would be sad, and Ohiopyle rafting, it's gonna be rad! Most important of all, what you might think? Secret Sandwich Society, with good food and good drink. How do I sign up, where do I go? The link comes up later, so look out below!

Happy Tuesday everyone and welcome back for another riveting installment of The POC Meeting Minutes (vol. 2, issue 4 "Return of the NRG") Yes that's right folks, this weekend we will be making the long, arduous journey to the mountainous landscape known as West Virginia. Some of you won't survive the trip, but with strength in numbers, I'm expecting at least 9 people to make it through. Here's the activity breakdown for the NEW RIVER GORGE:

Climbing: For those of you who frequently enjoy getting high
Hiking: For those who like to stay on the on the ground (not above it, nor below)
Caving: For all of you who like to go down and get dirty
(It's been rumored bouldering could happen as well for those who like to get a little high)

The link can be found by deciphering the following clues:
1) It's at the bottom
2) Check the bottom
If these are stumping you, try this riddle:
What is a different color than the other text, and is at the bottom

For the people with rocks in their heads, you need to meet with Joey (Tradmaster) DeShane at Trees hall and have a climbing workshop. You must show up to one before the trip. If you have completed one for a prior trip you're all good. jad186@pitt.edu

Get your gear here. Free to members. Who passes up free gear? Or maybe that's beer, but that's beside the point. If you need a lightweight, portable home or a synthetic, human cocoon you should get in touch with slackline extraordinaire Dom(nomnomnomnom)onic and schedule a meeting time to rent these items for the outrageous price of nothing. We will be providing all the other gear you need such as wall walking shoes and the newest fashion of headwear and belts. The only thing we WILL NOT be bringing is food for you, so make sure to pack some or starve (cue dramatic music with the "dun dun DUUUNNNNN" sound) He's also the man with a bouldering plan, so if that sounds like your cup of tea, talk with Dom.

Also occurring this weekend will be the Venture Outdoors Ohiopyle Rafting Trip, or the VOORT for short. Caroline will be heading that project which will leave earlier Saturday morning. The signups for that are also below.

Frisbee people rejoice, a doodle has been created so that we can establish some times to play within the club. Please respond to this doodle if you would be interested in playing. http://doodle.com/y8vs89tgdx6br6hd

News flash: For those of you who are very sad that Connor Martin's Tacopalooza is over, fret not. It will be coming round the mountain again next Tuesday, and the Tuesday after that, and the one after that, and the one after that … so on and so forth until the end of time (aka the end of the semester) So, if you're hungry at 8pm on Tuesdays, we can Tacommodate you.

Finally, our special events chair Sara Geary is asking that anyone who wants to skydive can email her at seg78@pitt.edu to discuss the cost and details.

NRG: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xSE45lrbgj-CgWbjeS6DWDtbBV0Rj6tp6WDP7ZNy2I8/edit?usp=sharing

VO Rafting: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ThqPm7pW4goHCGnjwQpGaravZTHNx-qg7y9GMrDgn0o/edit?usp=sharing

I leave you with one of the most inspirational, heart wrenching, and serious quotes I've ever heard in a movie. "I am Groot" --- Groot

That's all for tonight everyone, thanks a bundle.
Nick Penatzer