Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Give Me Meeting Minutes or Give Me Death (or Tacos)

IT'S TUESDAY (sorry I got busy, it's now Wednesday)!!! That means:
a) This is the Outdoors Club Meeting Minutes
b) Tacos were sold at discount prices
c) A Mr. Ferland discussed awesome nature stuff at the WPU
d) All of the above

If you chose d, then that means you and the other 2999 people getting this email have one common interest, and that ladies of the lakes and men of the mountains is the Pitt Outdoors Club (and possibly beer).

This past weekend was our day climbing trip to the lost crag as well as our Venture Outdoors bike ride. The Lost Crag kept to its name by disorienting some of our members, and though it was a bit of a moist morning, the afternoon was breezy and beautiful. The bike ride also had some sun and those looking for the feel of two wheels really enjoyed themselves.

CAUTION! Click at your own risk:

Why you ask? Because once you go climbing, you'll be addicted, and possibly feel the need to put the woods before work on your priorities list. Because we had such a humdinger (it's a word) of a good time this weekend, our resident rock man Joey (mountain man) DeShane has decided to hold another day trip to Breakneck Rocks this weekend. Also, this is a good chance to ask him all of your fungus based questions. We found out last week this guy knows his shrooms.

Back to the future future, in two (count'em two) weeks, we will be taking our second large trip of the semester to THE NEW RIVER GORGE!!!!!!!!!!! We will have hiking, climbing, doing water stuff, tenting, food (if you bring it), merriment, hopefully no rain, West Virginia scenery, an incredibly large bridge, and friends who love nature. While this is all amazing, those who have gone before know there is an extra, hush-hush, and undisclosed reason to go on this trip. I'm discussing the SSS here people. While an SOS is a cry for help, the SSS is a cry for the most delicious sandwiches you may have ever had. One could even say that its practically a society of sorts. We'll keep you posted.

For those interested in climbing, Joey DeShane will be holding more climbing workshops next week so stay tuned for that.

I was asked by our special events chair, Sara Geary, to post this link for information on the free-fall of the fall semester. Sara plans on taking a group skydiving probably sometime in October, so if you are interested, this has some info you might like to see.

Also for those of you who want to join us for some healthy exercise tossing around a circular piece of plastic, we are trying to get people to play ultimate certain days of the week. We will add a survey to the Facebook soon enough to poll you about what times would be good so keep up to date on that.

Finally, come to Connor Martin's Taco Tuesdays at Q'Doba and enjoy tacos that your stomach and wallet can both probably agree with.

Stay outdoorsy my friends,

Yours Forever (or until I graduate), Nick