Wednesday, September 28, 2016


DISCLAIMER: If you want to be removed from this email list, contact me at ALSO, PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL! 


Firstly, SKYDIVING!!! If you have paid Anna Greenberg $50 and you were on the list, then you should be getting an email sometime this week because the trip is this weekend. Hopefully we see you all at the next meeting ;)


Next, Thriftsburgh, the university thrift store is in need of donations. Have old clothes? Bring them to Anna at the meetings!


PMADD, which is October 22 is coming up. Last year we helped clean up the river from kayaks and it was sweet. Sign up with the POC at the link here:


Email Anna with any volunteering related questions as well.


Dolly Sods is not this weekend but next weekend. It is an intermediate backpacking trip. The area is beautiful and is supposed to be one of the better trips we take as a club. Backpacking experience is appreciated. Questions can be emailed to Maggie at  Sign up here:


Also, the weekend of Dolly Sods will also be pool sessions at Trees hall from 8am-noon with myself and Zach. Signups to come for that next week, but if you have any questions you can email me at


Please remember that if you have any club gear, that you return it to our gear master Christian ASAP so we can use it on future trips. His email is


Lastly, its a few weeks away yet but the second big overnight climbing trip is happening in the middle of October at the New River Gorge. Get psyched and start climbing at trees hall to get ready. We will probably (I'll ask Matt) be mandating that you understand how to rappel for this trip as we have done in previous years and again, it never hurts to get a belay lesson if you're rusty.


Thanks everybody! Have a great Wednesday,

Secretary, Nick Penatzer