Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Am I still awake??? Minutes

Hiya Peeps,

If you haven't heard, the Ohiopyle trip is cancelled due to hella coldness (average 25 degrees F for the weekend). So sorry folks, the weather is all wacky.\

We got MORE hip hoppin trips.

Weekend of Friday 4/15-Sunday 4/17

Dolly Sods Backpacking.  Dolly sods is a wilderness area in southeast West Virginia.  It is THEBOMB.COM of backpacking.  Join us on this awesome trip! Sign up here.

Sunday 4/17

We have a service thingydoodle with venture outdoors.  It will be a fun activity (hiking, biking, kayaking, not actually sure what yet) and then some nice trash pickup thing.  So do good in the world, sign up here.
We have a really cool offer from these people for a really good deal on WFA training. So check it out.

     We got a great response of interest for a Wilderness First Aid course so we're going ahead with scheduling it! The course will be held on the weekend of April 9th & 10th and will be in Scaife Hall (Rooms TBD) from 9:00am-5:00pmboth days, with the majority of the second day being held outdoors at Schenley Park. In past years students had a great time with this course.

The course covers what happens if you're outside the "golden hour" of medical care, where you won't have access to definitive medical care for hours or even longer.  You'll learn how to initially assess patients, provide wound care, splint, and treat environmental, orthopedic, or insect/animal bite injuries you may come across if you're in the wilderness or remote locations far from medical care. There will be plenty of hands-on training allowing you to practice the skills you learn. This course is great for anyone that hikes, kayaks, rock climbs, etc. or anyone who is interested in emergency medicine or trauma. After completing the course you'll also get an official Wilderness First Aid certification that is good for three years (For more info click here).

Thanks to the cost of the course being subsidized by the WMS we are able to offer it for only $35This payment can be made through Paypal, Venmo, or cash/check (see sign-up form). This price is based on an attendance of 20 people, which is the maximum amount of people we will allow to sign-up for this course (If less than 20 people sign-up you will be reimbursed the difference, e.g. If 12 people sign-up the course cost will be $21.66/person and you will be reimbursed $13.34). This is a great deal compared to similar courses offered by NOLS ($225) or SOLO ($175), so take advantage of this great opportunity! The course will be capped at 20 students and payments and sign ups must be received by 12:00pm Wednesday, April 6th! Sign up early to secure your spot by using the below link!

 Sign up:

 Payment ($35): PayPal, Venmo @Brian-Frodey, or cash/check

That's all I have to say about that.


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